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Man Clinically Treated for “Google Glass Addiction Syndrome”

I guess this shouldn’t come as a shock really. How many people do you know, yourself included, who’re addicted to a smartphone or tablet — Facebook or Twitter — etc, etc.?
The guy discussed in this video really was treated for Google Glass Addiction — no hype! I’ll link to a CNN article after the video, so you guys can get the full lowdown on this breaking story.

Acer is Taking Technology and Education to the Next Level in South Africa

If you’re from North America, Europe, or the UK, you’ll be shocked at the service levels that Acer, South Africa is offering Tshwane University of Technology. Is this a step in the right direction for improved service levels, or a clever branding move on the part of the 4th largest PC vendor on the planet?

Paycheck Mentality: Why Most People Are Doing it Wrong

So true how there’s a poor person in all of us — scoffing at the price of a bottle of water at a hotel, the price of gas, (the outrageous price of any hand-held technology that starts with the letter “i”!) This, as opposed to finding a way to make more money, without having to work longer hours, or always having to wait on your next paycheck.

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