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When to Hire a Business Consultant

Every business needs a consultant sooner or later. This is true of huge corporations too. So it should come as no surprise that your small business may need some strong advice from an outside source who is not only competent but also an expert in your field of...

Design Software Innovating the Manufacturing Sector

Software has revolutionized the manufacturing sector to meet the demanding needs of today’s global consumer economy. Our friends at IGE XAO, one of the leading software firm specializing in electrical design software, explain what innovative design software can...

Tips for Expanding Your Business Using a Virtual Staff

Expanding a business requires extra people to get all the day to day done, while you as the owner work on the planning and decision-making side. Hiring in-house office staff, who’re right by your side for every beck and call can have its advantages, but there...

180 Central: Turning a Bad Day to Good

Much like a bad ex, a bad day has a way of following you around. Use the following 5 tips to uplift yourself so you can take on whatever challenge appears with a big smile on your face!

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