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Here is How Marketing Works

Ruining things is exactly how marketing works. To give you proper insight, let us have Gary Vaynerchuk explains it – in his own infamous way.

Are You a Mobile Dependent Business Traveler?

Do you find yourself using your phone while you’re on a plane toilet? Would you burst into a lonely fit of tears if your smartphone were taken away? These and other realities are listed in the following infographic for all to see.

The Art of Small Talk and How to Master it

Small talk and the ability to steer small talk to a more meaningful exchange is one that most people need help with. This short video is an essential primer if you’re looking to up your networking game.

Use Cliché Marketing to Humanize Your Brand

Consumers are sick and tired of watching the same old tame and cheesy product ads. Check out this video, showing three companies who’ve went way over the top in an effort to increase their reach and find new clients (WARNING: #3 is really disturbing!)

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