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3 Common Interview Questions and How You Should Answer Them

It’s not enough just to wear your best professional attire, get a haircut, and think about all the skills that make you indispensable when going into a job interview. Learn more about what they’re going to ask, why they’re asking, and how you should answer.

How Poor Body Language Impacts Your Job Interview Success Rate

This video features business communications expert and coach Christine Jahnke, author of the “Well Spoken Women,” offering great tips about voice quality, body language, eye contact, and many other great first-impression-making tips for job seekers.

How to Avoid the Post-Graduation, Job-Finding “Black Hole”

Finding a job post-graduation is tougher than it’s ever been. Online job searching and application processes have made it hard for graduates of even the highest educational pedigree to stand out to recruiters. Author Steve Dalton offers a couple of great tips to create a modernized job search strategy in the digital era.

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