The New Way of Shipping Art, Almost as Easily as Private Parcels

The New Way of Shipping Art, Almost as Easily as Private Parcels

The last decade was the dawn of a new era in delivery methods.

Nowadays, anything can be ordered online and shipped straight to your door. A few clicks can get you food, furniture, clothes—and those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Even fragile, priceless works of art are delivered around the globe, but only the top shipping services are capable of managing the task. From the heaviest sculptures to the most delicate paintings, transporters like Convelio are moving pieces around the world successfully and safely.

If you have ever accidentally sliced down the center of a canvas while opening a parcel, you know how important it is to wrap, ship, and open your packaged art in a professional manner.

Your contemporary mantelpiece might hang different after a toss or two in the back of a mail truck.

At Convelio, white-glove handling is never too much to ask for, and the highest-quality care is always upheld. No more jaw-dropping prices or damaged masterpieces. We have shipping solutions to fit your exact needs.

Avoid the disappointment of opening a box of broken ceramics. Ditch the days of receiving dented prints. Ship art the right way and get your pieces to their destination safe and intact.

Quality Care – From Packing to Unpacking

These days, dealers, galleries, and independent artists can market their products worldwide. Today’s service standards allow them to ship with more confidence than ever.

Whether you’re an industry pro or a novice collector, it is important to ship your art insured. Some accidents are unavoidable, despite the utmost care, so always include insurance coverage when arranging art transportation. Trustworthy, reputable artwork shipping companies will always provide this precaution.

There are various methods to securely package installations, sculptures, and all kinds of 2D and 3D artwork. Bubble wrap, foam, and plenty of layering will protect almost anything, but handling can make or break a transfer.

Luckily, it’s not hard to find expert help that will provide friendly, big-brand service in the convenience of your living room. Gone are the days of waiting in lines. One visit to our site will provide you with a direct quote and set you up with a full-package service.

The best art-moving companies offer pack-ups and drop-offs with full installation and clean up. Professional help with opening and assembling your artwork will ease the stress of receiving heavy, large, or fragile deliveries.

Notifications, Tracking, and No Stress

When moving masterpieces, staying stress-free is easy if you have experienced help along the way.

The soaring shipping industry met its match in 2020, highlighting the necessity of reliable, organized shipment solutions. Between distance and delays, travel takes time, but being in-the-know can make the entire experience more bearable.

Parcel tracking provides peace-of-mind during the delivery process. You should always choose a company that allows you to track your orders. It is reassuring to know where your items are and when they will arrive, especially when valuable artwork is at stake.

Transporting art is nerve wracking, but some of the stress is alleviated when you can track live updates about the trip.

Modern Art on the Move

With so many people buying and selling all kinds of art, the shipping industry has expanded and diversified itself.

Remember to do some digging before you start shipping. Choose a highly rated company to do the job right.

A little research and a couple of clicks can connect you with trustworthy, detail-oriented shippers who will support you every step of the way.

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