Secrets Behind Top Ranking Sites on Google

Secrets Behind Top Ranking Sites on Google

Have you ever wondered why your website is not getting the same amount of traffic as others out there? You might have noticed that if you enter a certain keyword on Google, some websites appear above others.

If you want your website to be a top result when people are searching for a service or a product that you are providing, then use the below secrets that can guarantee the success of search engine optimization for your website.

Fresh Content

Sites that rank very high on Google get their ranking due to the constant fresh content that they have on their website. If a website has outdated content that has not been updated, then chances are it will be at the very bottom of the search results found by Google.

Fresh content can be in the form of blog posts, articles, new products and services, or information about anything related to what the person searching is looking for online.

Easy Usage

Having a website is a great way to attract customers to your business, but if they find that your website is very hard to navigate, then it will not succeed, and you are worse off than before.

Websites that get many hits online do so by making the website easy to use by anyone visiting. This also has to do with how the interface of your website looks like and how easily someone can reach the information they need on your website.

Mobile Compatibility

Most people do not even use a computer or laptop to search for something on Google, they use their handy mobile phones to get to the answers they want instantaneously. Any website that wants to have the number 1 spot on a search engine has to be compatible with mobiles.

If a website does not have a mobile version, it is hard for the user to find what they are looking for easily, thus the website loses its rank on Google.


Back Linking

Backlinking means collaborating with content creators, blogs, and other websites to write posts with a keyword that acts as a hyperlink to reach your website. Backlinking is an important step in making a website rank higher.

According to, it is all about creating a branded presence online. You need to make Google trust you just as it trusts big brands that have a significant presence online such as Amazon.

Meta Description

A well-ranked website creator knows how much a Meta description affects the ranking of their website. If you do not know what a Meta description is, it is the short description given under a search result provided by Google. Each webpage has its very own Meta description, which you can customize to make Google’s algorithm choose your website as one of the top results.

Usually, Meta descriptions contain keywords that people usually type when looking for something. For example, if people are looking for a plumber’s number, they are likely to just type in plumber or plumbing. A good website creator would use this to their advantage and write one or both of these keywords in the Meta description if their websites’ content is relevant of course.

Informative and Helpful Content

As mentioned above, you need to have content that is up to date; another criterion required is that the content is informative and helpful to the user. If the keyword you plan on utilizing is sports, then the content of your website should be about sports. If you have irrelevant information, it will be useless to end-users, you will lose credibility and there would be a high chance of your website falling in rank.

Image optimization for Search Engine

Optimized Images

Images can be hard for a search engine to interpret correctly as of this moment; this is why if you want to have images on your website, you need to optimize it as other brands do. Highly ranked websites optimize images by adding a caption to help guide users, a title, and they reduce the file size as much as possible. This optimization gives them a higher chance to get a good rank on Google.

Loading Time

Loading time is an important factor in how Google ranks search results. Websites that load faster will appear above those that load slowly. Part of why optimizing images is important is because reducing the file size decreases loading time. If a website has large files and big posts, it will be slow to load.

To ensure that you have content on your website, but it does not take a long time to load, add different links that will redirect users to the information they need instead of having all of your content in one webpage that takes ages to load.

Using the Keyword as Part of the Domain Name

One of the ways that websites have managed to rise in the ranks of Google searches is by having a keyword as part of their domain name. If we take the above-mentioned plumbing example, a website that has the keyword plumbing or plumber will get a higher rank than others that do not contain the word in the domain itself. This may change, however, because the algorithm constantly changes which may deem this as ineffective, but it still works to this day.

Consistency of Content Uploads

If you upload content only once or twice a month, you will get less traffic than someone who uploads the same quality of content but four to five times per month. The more consistent you are, the higher your rank will be in search results on Google. If you lose relevance because you do not post as much, or consistently, you will automatically see your website lowering in rank.


Secured Sites

If two websites are equal in all of the above-mentioned factors, but one is secure and the other is not, Google will automatically pick the secure website as the first option. This is because Google trusts secured websites or in other words, websites that have Https instead of the regular Http.

Using the above website ranking secrets and factors, you can now make your website one of the contenders for the first search result spot. Remember that it may seem like a lot of work, but it will make a serious difference in generating traffic to your website as well as how your business does in an overall sense.

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