Flying Off the Shelves: The Importance of Product Packaging

Flying Off the Shelves: The Importance of Product Packaging

When you’re selling a product, you do the work to make sure that the product is flawless. After all, there’s no point in having a business if you deliver a substandard product.

You also spend hours with your team to make sure that the product sells. You strategize and develop a rock-solid marketing plan.

Now that it’s time to put the product out there, you finally decide to design a product package. This is the worst thing you can do. Instead of treating package design as an afterthought, you need to give this step your full attention.

Read on to learn why you need to pay attention to the product packaging and the impact it can have on your sales.

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1. Protect Your Brand

When you create a product package design, you need to have one that is consistent with your brand. A different look on your product label and your website could easily confuse buyers.

Brand consistency raises your brand’s awareness. It also is responsible for making a big difference in your revenue.

Think of it this way, it takes several interactions with your brand for people to remember it. If you don’t have brand consistency, it will take longer to create brand awareness in the mind of your potential customers.

2. Did You Forget About the Customer Experience?

Do you know how companies like Apple get people excited about their products? They have great branding and they follow that up with incredible package design.

Good marketers will map out the customer experience. That is every single point where people interact with your company. Let’s take a look at a journey for an e-commerce company.

The entry point for your customers may be a blog post or a social media post. At that point, they visit your website and decide to buy a product.

Shipping and product delivery are also part of the customer experience. That’s followed up with customer service to address any issues.

What gets lost in that journey is when customers open the box. When they get the package delivered, they are incredibly excited. Think of yourself when you get a package you’ve been waiting for.

You already inspired warm and positive associations with your brand, which is what you want. You want to maintain that with your product package design.

A package that is hard to open or figure out will frustrate people. You’re losing your audience at what should be the best time because you didn’t devote enough attention to package design.

3. People Like Products Because They Look Cool

Like it or not, people are very judgemental. It’s human nature to make a judgment based on how things look. That includes people, websites, and products.

People will automatically determine the quality of the product based on the outside, no matter how great the product itself is. Yes, they judge a book based on the cover. That package will influence the decision to buy and the price they’re willing to pay for the product.

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4. You Could Put Your Business at Risk

Business owners share a few common fears. They fear not making enough money, they fear failure, and they fear getting sued.

Putting more attention to the package design and labels can shield you from such lawsuits.

Potential lawsuits arise with injuries due to product package design flaws. Yes, people can get injured by product packaging.

Let’s say that your product targets children. You spent hours to make sure the product itself meets all laws and regulations regarding products for children. You’re leaving your business at risk if you didn’t do the same for the package design.

Designing product packages for kids requires much more attention to detail. Find out more about how to design product packaging for kids here.

5. You Could Be Mistaken for a Knockoff

For products in a very competitive industry, there are going to be knockoffs. While some businesses defend their intellectual property in court, not everyone can afford to do so.

Counterfeit products are a big concern for consumers online. They are very skeptical of a substandard product package.

They’ll make a judgment of your product package and think of it as a knockoff. You are striving to be a leader in the marketplace, with no room to make this kind of error.

6. Colors Can Influence Purchases

First and foremost, you need to have a product package that’s consistent with your brand. Creative use of colors can be used to influence buyers. Colors are processed first before people start to read the label.

People process colors in a similar way. They relate to red as a sense of urgency. Yellow is usually associated with happiness. Blue signifies safety and security.

There is no magic formula that dictates what colors to use when creating your package design.

Your product package design needs to be based on your audience, your brand, and the product. For some product packages, clean design with a lot of whitespaces and little text can convey the message of luxury and sophistication. packaging

Product Packaging Design Makes a Difference

When people buy products, one of the first things they look at is the package design. They will quickly look at the product and make a judgment of the product based on product packaging.

They’ll determine if your brand is an industry leader if it’s worth the price and if they should by the product or not.

Package design is also a critical part of the customer experience. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to create a customer for life because you didn’t spend time on the packaging.

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