How to Plan a Fall Corporate Event Like a Pro

How to Plan a Fall Corporate Event Like a Pro

Fall is in the air, and if you’re planning a corporate event this season, you’ll want to make sure it embraces autumn. But where do you even begin? Keep reading as we break down how to plan Fall Corporate Event like a pro.

Decide On An Indoor Or Outdoor Venue

One of the most important decisions you’ll want to take into account for your corporate event is if the event will take place indoors or outdoors. Deciding between outdoors and indoors will rely on the temperature outside. Typically early to mid-fall is still warm enough to host an event outside.

Serve Up Comfort Food

When you think of fall food, the first thing that comes to mind is probably pumpkin spice and comfort food. So make sure you incorporate warm and cozy bites into your fall spread. Upgrade bland finger foods to bites of pecan and pumpkin pie or sweet potato casserole.

You should also ask employees their preferences, recommendations and dietary restrictions for beverages and food. This way you can make sure everyone is happy.

Fall Corporate Event Activity Ideas

Once you figured out the location and food, you’ll also want to figure out an activity and Corporate Entertainment. Your activity should take advantage of the fall season. Here are some of our favorite fall events.

Wine Tasting Party

There’s no better time to enjoy wine than in the fall. It’s hard not to love a fall activity paired with delicious wine.

Wine tasting always seems to be a winner. You could host this event in a cozy wine cellar or take a trip to a vineyard if there’s one nearby.

You also could set up a DIY wine tasting with some fall decorations and plenty of local wine. You’ll want to make sure there are enough cheese and crackers to pair with the wine.

Fall corporate event planning

Harvest Party

Nothing screams fall quite like a harvest. A harvest party is a surefire way to spice up a corporate event. This theme works well with arts and crafts and other fun fall activities.

Make sure the venue is covered in fall decorations. Have guests participate in traditional activities like bobbing for apples, and have a spread complete with apple pies, cider, and delicious donuts.

Oktoberfest Party

Similar to wine tasting events, Ocktoberfest themed parties are always a hit. This is a great way to bring a festival to your company without traveling all the way to Germany.

There are even companies that will bring Oktoberfest to you with costumed actors and transform a venue into a Festhalle setting. They will also set up beer tasting stations, and a German band playing traditional songs for a fun and authentic event.

Plan Your Fall Corporate Event Today

Now that you know what to consider when planning a Fall Corporate Event, start planning your company’s fall festival today. Remember to consider if you want the event indoors or outdoors and to serve up plenty of comfort food with a fall-themed activity.

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