5 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Signage Ads

5 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Signage Ads

Effective signage establishes brand identity and brings customers to your business’ doors. Read this article for more reasons to invest in signage ads.

A whopping $8 billion — that’s how big the revenue of the U.S. Out-of-Home advertising sector was in 2018. What’s more, that represents an increase of 4.5% from the previous year’s profits!

What’s even more surprising is how some of the biggest OOH ad spenders are tech firms. There’s Apple, Netflix, and yes, Google itself.

That should be enough proof to confirm how important signage is even in today’s digital world. Because if it’s not effective, these companies won’t spend a lot of money on it.

But why exactly are these signs and symbols vital to your business? Why should you invest in them if you already have an online marketing campaign in place?

Signage ad targeting via augmented reality and face recognition

We’ll sum up everything in five reasons, so be sure to keep reading!

1. Signage Ads Identify, Differentiate, and Direct to Your Business

Without signage and print ads, the world would be full of chaos and confusion. People would be at lost and wouldn’t be able to distinguish one store from the other. They wouldn’t know if they’re walking towards the shop they want to visit in the first place.

That should already tell you how important signage is not only to businesses but to humans too. If you don’t put up a sign with your business name and logo on it, people can’t identify you. They may mistake you for another business, and that can lead to them going to your competitor.

From a consumer’s perspective, signage is a direction. Once they see it, they’ll know that they’re either in the right or the wrong place.

It’s also a form of information dissemination. A sign tells people that there’s a business in that area selling certain products or services. Even if they don’t need those goods or services now, the next time they do, they’ll know where to go.

From a business owner’s perspective, signage is a crucial tool for branding purposes. It’s a visual representation and identifying marker of their brand. It allows them to differentiate their business from their “neighbors”, especially the competition.

Billboard on highway

2. Because People Aren’t Always Looking at their Phones

Did you know that Americans spend an average of 5.4 hours every day on their phone? That’s a lot of time spent hunched, looking at screens!

That, however, proves they aren’t always looking at their phones. They drive, walk down, and cross streets with their eyes on the road. Many others go for a run, jog, or do yoga outdoors among many other activities.

Most importantly, they look at window displays.

So, imagine how many potential customers you can lose if you only rely on digital marketing. Without signage and print ads, no one will learn of you outside the web.

That’s why you also need to invest time and resources to your print media campaign. You need actual, physical ads that are visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since people can see them any time of the day, these ads have a continuous advertising impact.

3. They Can Be as Interesting and Interactive as You Can Make Them to Be

Have you ever seen that Shikun & Binui Solaria print ad with a black-and-white drawing? The one that transforms into a colored version when you hold it up against the sunlight?

Whoa, right?

What about that Nivea print ad that came with a solar panel capable of charging a cell phone? Or the Lladro print ads that you can turn into actual lampshades?

These are only a few examples of interactive ads that left consumers gasping in delight. The point is, they all prove that print ads can be amazing in their own way, just like CGI. The main difference is, print ads are tangible and can leave a much greater impact.

As such, you should take a page out of these companies’ advertising book. You can boost your brand identity with interactive, innovative, and fun ads like these. If your print ads can elicit a whoa from consumers, they’re likely to remember your brand fondly.

4. They Make the Roads More Interesting

The average motorist in the U.S. drives a whopping 13,476 miles a year. That’s almost twice the diameter of the earth!

So, why not take advantage of all that time they spend on the road by giving them something interesting to look at? Print marketing tools, like billboards, can be a welcome sight for these motorists.

Especially if they’re stuck in traffic, which by the way, is getting worse in the United States. In fact, Americans waste up to 97 hours a year sitting behind the wheel, waiting for the green light.

Just be sure that your print ad placement meets billboard control laws. This way, you don’t have to worry about law enforcement putting down your ads.

Portable digital signage ad

5. You Can Take Them Anywhere

Unlike online ads that people can only see if they access the Internet, you can take print ads anywhere. You can bring them with you to events like trade shows, expositions, and even smaller events. Examples of the best print advertising supplies are flyers, catalogs, brochures, and banners.

Moreover, many types of banners are reusable, portable, and easy to set up. That makes them an excellent yet cost-effective way for your brand to stand out during events. Roll up and replaceable banners are some banner ideas you can start with.

There’s also the step and repeat banner design, which can feature the names of your best products. Or, if you’re attending an event wherein you have a few sponsors, you can get their names in the banner too. Here’s a guide that gives a more in-depth look at how these banners work.

Another way you can take your ads anywhere is through a “mobile” ad. Also known as automotive (car) wraps, this literally moves and lets you advertise on the go. With these, you can expose your brand to as many people as you can whenever you hit the road.

Just be sure to get your car wraps in high-quality vinyl or cast material. If possible, hire a professional car wrapping service. This will cost you more, but at least, you can make certain the wrap will last long and won’t bubble.

Signage on a subway station

Print Signs and Ads Are as Important Now as They Were Before

There you have it, all the reasons you should invest in signage ads as soon as possible. While online ads are definitely important, you need to balance this with print ads. With these two combined, you have more chances of raising brand awareness and recall.

Ready for even more effective brand storytelling tips and tricks? If so, then be sure to bookmark our site and keep visiting our Marketing page!

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