Tips for Having a Profitable Spring Break

Tips for Having a Profitable Spring Break

If you’re lucky enough to run your business in a place where spring breakers like to travel, engaging with them can make your whole year. College students from all over the country are out to spend money and have fun, and it’s the perfect time to attract their business.

Here’s how you can have the “best spring break ever,” at least financially.

Make it obvious you’re with them

You want to signal to your potential customers that your place of business is spring break central. The first step in getting ready for spring break is to deck out your physical space in an inviting and fun way.

Keep everything light and upbeat and consider supplying party favors for people when they come through. Set up a photo background with the date and location where people can make memories of their spring break trip. Deck it out with hats, light up glasses, and other fun novelties that get all the spring breakers moving through your place.

Give away stuff

Nothing is more guaranteed to attract people than free stuff. Whether it’s food, toiletries, swag, or promotional offers, this is a surefire way to get spring breakers through the door.

Keep the giveaways on theme. A popular spring break theme is the “I Survived Spring Break 20—” idea, so t-shirts, photo backdrops, cups, and hats will be very attractive. Consider a spring break essentials goody bag with items that travelers frequently forget or really need, like breath mints, shaving cream, and nail polish.

Don’t forget social media

Young people are on social media in a big way, and your brand should be front and center. As spring break approaches, don’t be afraid to invest in some quality SEO social media help so that your company is popping to the top of searches in the area.

Just don’t forget that making an SEO strategy takes some time. You can’t make changes two weeks before spring break and hope to get results. Start working on things right after Christmas and you’ll be in good shape by the time spring break rolls around.

Business team doing outdoor activity

Take things outside

Spring break is all about celebrating the end of winter and the start of good weather. People don’t want to spend a lot of time indoors, so move things outside to take advantage of everyone’s natural inclinations.

Even if it’s impossible to move your actual business outside, you can run a game, event, or promotion just outside. Give away vouchers or a prize to the winner to draw people inside to see what you have to offer.

Get on Groupon

Offering Groupon promotions for spring break is a great way to grab people’s attention. It’s also a good way to make people feel they’re part of something bigger than just their spring break. When it comes to spring break, part of the magic is being part of the party. Group coupons make people feel like there’s an event, or something they don’t want to miss out on.

Keep your brand prominent

This should go without saying, but if you’re scrambling to put together an advertising or marketing campaign at the last minute, it may be impossible to get your brand out there like you should.

Whether you give away wristbands, vouchers, toiletry bags, or balloons, make sure your name is prominently displayed. When visiting students see other spring breakers carrying around some enviable swag, they should also be seeing your name.

Partner up

This is the perfect time to partner with a local motel, restaurant, bar, or store. If you sell food or coffee, see if a local motel will let you make special offers to their spring break customers. If you’re a store, see if a local restaurant will exchange ads with you or partner up to produce an event.

If you’re in hospitality, see what local eateries, coffee shops, or bars are willing to do. If you make plans early, you can advertise your meal deal or voucher on your website when people are making their vacation bookings.

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