3 Things That Can Make Moving To New Offices Easier

3 Things That Can Make Moving To New Offices Easier

For many businesses, moving into a new office space can be an exciting experience. Not only does a new office mean a better capacity for serving customers and growing the company, it is symbolic of having reached a new position in the world.

But moving offices also be a logistical headache. Between keeping track of everything that needs to be moved, managing personnel and moving companies, and making sure that the new space has everything you need before you get there, there are a lot of variables the team in charge of the move need to take care of.

Fortunately, there are ways to make moving offices easier. If you have an office move coming up, here are four things that can help make the process go more smoothly:

1. Don’t Think You Can Do It All Yourself

Moving incurs major expenses even at the best of times, and it can be tempting, especially for smaller businesses, to believe that a lot of the moving work can be taken care of by staff. This is a mistake.

Hire moving specialists for office move.
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Your staff members were hired for their expertise in product development, sales, and other skills you need to run your business. They aren’t professional movers, and shouldn’t be treated as such. Investing in hiring professionals to help you pack, move, redecorate, and set up your new space will save money and time in the long run.

2. Hire A Full-Service Network Cabling Company

Moving into a new office is an opportunity to start fresh, and to design a space that really works for your business. One of the biggest challenges many companies face when moving is ensuring that IT infrastructure that will allow for their continued growth is in place when they arrive.

The easiest way to make sure the structured cabling, electronic security, audio-visual tools, and phone systems you need are in place before you arrive is to hire a network cabling company like Excellinx.com that specializes in helping businesses set up IT infrastructure for their new offices.

3. Consider Ordering New Furniture In Bulk

Companies move offices for many different reasons, and in today’s “global” world it is common for businesses to relocate to different cities or regions to keep their costs down or gain better access to clients. If this is the case for you, moving all of your existing office equipment to a new province or state may not be viable.

Instead, consider partnering with an office furniture outlet near your new location to get a deal on a bulk purchase. This can be significantly cheaper than packing everything into a moving van, and it also means that your office will have a more uniform, professional look.

Buy new office furniture in bulk to save money on moving.


When it comes to finding advice on how to manage an office move, there is no shortage of advice online. But no matter how much you plan ahead and prepare your team for the challenges of setting up a new office, there are things that will inevitably leave you blindsided.

Just as the best way to get the best deal on your tax bill is to work with a professional tax accountant who understands the law, the best way to make an office move easier is to work with moving professionals who can help you make your dream a reality.

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