A Guide to Becoming a Data Scientist

A Guide to Becoming a Data Scientist

You can gather and analyze data about literally anything, so it is easy to see why data science is considered such a broad and intricate field. Simply put, a data scientist works for major businesses or organizations in a wide variety of fields to gather information, analyze it, and determine how it can help the company he or she works for.

There are several steps to becoming a data scientist.

Deciding if It Meshes With Your Personality

Because of its intricacies, the field of data science can sometimes be frustrating and isn’t for everyone. Before you even consider becoming a data scientist, ask yourself if you are a naturally curious person. Working in the industry requires a thirst for more information that keeps you from becoming too bored by analyzing information repeatedly.

People who work in this field also must have strong organizational skills to keep the information in the right order and avoid confusion. Each project can take weeks, months, or even years, so it helps to be stubborn, creative, and have the ability to focus for long periods of time.

Getting the Right Education

Education is very important for an aspiring data scientist. Performing the tasks associated with the job is impossible without a college education. Everybody entering the field requires a bachelor’s degree, which can be in a range of fields, including information technology, physics, and many others.

Keep in mind that nearly three-quarters of graduates go on to earn a master’s degree and almost 40 percent have a doctoral degree. This means you should complete a post-graduate degree if you hope to advance in the field.

Although many different majors are appropriate for the field, some schools offer a data science degree, which is preferable if possible.

Supportive work environment

Knowing What to Expect in Your Work Environment

Having the right soft skills and getting a good education are just two parts of the journey. You must also consider whether the work environment will be the right type for you. Regardless of the industry, most data scientists work in office settings where they must work in teams and communicate well to get the job done effectively.

When it comes to speed, the job’s pace often depends on the individual company. Large corporations or businesses in certain industries may rely on a fast turnaround time for results, but smaller companies or less competitive industries might prefer to focus on methodical processes at slower paces. Choosing the best company to meet your personality style is essential for being happy working as a data scientist.

Finding a Job

Whether seeking data scientist jobs Los Angeles or in any other city, finding a job is the last step of the process. If you are lucky enough to have connections, it may be a simple case of networking. However, for most people, finding the employment in the field requires a strong resume, an excellent interview demeanor, and a bit of patience. Try searching online job search engines, heading to related job fairs, or even cold-calling companies you’re interested in working for.

If the idea of learning more about a subject you’re interested in sounds like a great way to earn a living, becoming a data scientist may be the right choice for you. And with an average annual salary of nearly $120,000, the compensation and benefits don’t hurt either, whether you’re just starting out or changing careers entirely.

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