6 Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have on Vacation

6 Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have on Vacation

Being a small business owner, the success of your company is in your hands. You cover everything: from finances, clients, all the way to managerial stuff. So, when you decide to go on your hard-earned vacation, it’s hard to leave your business. You are probably wondering: “Will clients leave you? Who will take care of the paperwork?”

However, there is a way how can you manage both running your business and still enjoying your vacation without sacrificing much of your relaxing time.

As the mobile applications are changing the face of business, amount of tasks that you can automate, organize better and track from afar is increasing. In return, your business is becoming more productive and more synchronized, while you are free to focus on more important things.

Mobile apps can help is in a number of situations:

  • Communicate and stay on the same page with people working for you.
  • Sign and work with documents on the go.
  • Track your finances.
  • Help you organize and manage your documents.

As a small business owner, your mobility and ability to finish tasks on the go are a must. So, equip your smartphone with these apps, and you can go on vacation as you please, knowing that you can take care of everything that might happen in your absence.


Slack screenshot

If you dislike searching through your emails all day, then you might consider a different kind of communication between your employees and yourself. Slack represents easier and more effective way of team communication between coworkers and teams. It eliminates messy email threads and offers instant communication among people involved in the conversation. You can attach PDFs, links, and images to the conversation, making it easy to showcase interesting ideas for the project.

Slack is a perfect choice for every team.



If other ways of communications, like instant messaging, emails, or Slack fall short, then good old Skype video call might be the only solution that will solve the problem. There is nothing like the instant feedback when you can see the person you are talking to.

Although it exists for a very long time, Skype has stood the test of time and it is still one of the most popular videos calling options out there. You can use it on your mobile phone so you know that you can get in touch with anyone, no matter the location.


DocuSign screenshot

Being the person in charge, there are things that can be done only with your personal signature. DocuSign is a must-have app for all business owners that allows you to electronically sign documents and send them on the go. So, next time you are about to go on vacation, you’d better prepare all the administration that might hit you while you are away.

Using this app is very easy, you just need to create your signature in advance and it will be waiting for you when you need it next time.

PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word converter screenshot

In the era, where all documents are becoming digital, you need some good tool for handling PDF documents. Therefore, the business owner should always have some tool that will enable him to edit PDF documents.

The PDF to Word Converter app, available for both iOS and Android, allows you to convert PDFs to editable Word documents. It lets you reuse old documents instead of retyping the whole document from zero. It helps you work smarter with your documents while out of office.

G Suite

G-Suite screenshot

When a team of people is working for you, you must have an efficient way of knowing what is each of them doing. G Suite includes several apps, like Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides which will enable you to easily create, store and share documents with your employees.

It can be also a great way for you to see what are they working on and track their progress. It also syncs files between PCs and smartphones, allowing you to seamlessly access your documents from anywhere.


Wawe screenshot

Small business owners are usually the ones who are responsible for making and tracking payments, sending invoices and other financial tasks. Wave app enables you to create in just a few taps professionally looking invoices with your business logo. It also allows you to accept payments in the app, keeps you in the financial loop, informing you when the payments have been made and when they are late.

Invoices created by Wave will inspire confidence with your clients and no one can tell that you made them waiting while taking a break from selfies on the beach.

Now over to you – what’s your favorite app for this year’s summer vacation?

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