The Top 6 PR Tips and Tricks for Cafes

The Top 6 PR Tips and Tricks for Cafes

So, you’ve dived into the world of being an business owner and started a cafe. Perhaps it is doing good business. Nevertheless, deep in your heart you know you can do better. Problem is you don’t know what and how to go about getting the word out there.

That is where we can help with a few PR tips and ideas for cafe marketing. As you are probably aware, it is not enough to cook and serve good food, it is equally important to let the world know what’s cooking.

Dining out can be a memorable experience if you offer the right scene, good food, and good service. If the food and the company were good, conversations would follow. As cafe owners, to stay visible, one should try to get the word around how good your food and ambiance is.

Here are some tips, tricks and promotion ideas to help you achieve it.

1. Network and reach out

One of the best ways to let the world know you is networking. Although it is easier said than done, it is never too late to network. You can build your network by connecting with other business owners and entrepreneurs. Here are some ways you can start

  • Always keep your business card with you and hand it out to every new person you meet.
  • It is easy to follow people online through platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Invite a food blogger/expert to review the food for you.

People read reviews before heading to a cafe. You can invite a food expert or blogger to dine in your cafe to review the food. If at first, you don’t get big stars, don’t be disheartened. Find out what areas are lacking and address them. Invite the same person again and let them experience the change and share it with the world.

2. Tie up with other eateries

Of course, you are competitors vying for the same customers. However, each one of you offers a different experience and maybe you’ve created a niche market for yourself. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to the competitors. Being in the same industry, your competitor might give you the insight you were lacking.

Also, you can tackle any common problem (like rising raw material price or trying to create an awareness of healthy food etc) together. If you don’t offer a particular cuisine that your customer is looking, don’t hesitate to refer your competitor if he offers the same. One day he might return the favour.

3. Make sure you have a website as appealing as your food

One factor affecting customer satisfaction in case of food is the way it is presented. Just as you spend some time to present the food attractively manner at your cafe, your website should also be visually appealing. Take the help of a professional photographer to include appetizing photographs of the food you serve. Using high-quality image is a must. People should be tempted to try your dishes the moment they see it on their screens.

Add appropriate content with useful information like exact location, opening times, parking facilities, type of cuisine offered and so on.

Cafe business visitors

4. Restaurant marketing through press releases

Whenever you are introducing a new food or drink, you can offer a press release on the same. Put it up on your website and social media page too.

5. Make use of the power and reach of social media

Social media is the most widely used and perhaps the most economical means of marketing for restaurants. What makes them powerful is their ability to offer two-way communication. The communication barrier diving the service provider and customer has crumbled, thanks to social media. Now, the customer can review a cafe even before he leaves the premises.

Similarly, the cafe should address the grievances of the customer immediately and show to the other customers that it cares for them. In this context, it is important to remember that negative comments should not be pushed under the carpet. You should deal with them sensibly and should take measures to address the concerns at the earliest.

6. Have fun with it

Novelty ideas give your customers a reason to come, or come again and bring their friends. Something to talk about goes a long way, especially in this day and age of sharing. Ideas such as setting up a photo booth or fan corner wherein the customer can take a pictures and tag your cafe are fun ways of creating buzz and activity. You can even offer some discount coupons or freebies for best tweets or maximum tags.

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