The Biggest Benefits of VPS Hosting

The Biggest Benefits of VPS Hosting

Given the choice to upgrade your office space, would you want to go with a shared, open concept office where you’d split the rent with other businesses but consequently be asked share resources too? While this might be a good fit for when you’re small and just starting out, eventually your business will grow.

There may come a time where this option stops being convenient or conducive to business and can even start frustrating your neighbours – especially if you’ve grown so large, you’re taking tools away from them. In this situation, you would likely start searching for your own private office.

The same thing applies when you’re choosing a web hosting service.  A shared hosting – sharing resources with may other users – is only adequate up to a certain stage.  When your web hosting needs exceed the allocated spaces, you might start to disrupt other users’ service. In this case, you should move to a new, dedicated web servers – not entirely yours, though; you still share some space, but since you don’t need the whole server resources, you only use a portion of those and that portion is yours only, not shared with other servers.

Such server is called a Virtual Private Server (or VPS). In essence, VPS hosting offers more resources than shared hosting but less costly than a dedicated server, as you only need a portion of a dedicated server space.

More Stability And Reliability For Basic Web Hosting Needs

There are two major advantages to switching from shared hosting to a VPS; the first is constancy. Net neutrality makes it unlawful for service providers to tailor their resources to meet the needs of specific companies on a shared server. All the websites on a server are provided with a lump sum of resources; there is no sanctioning who they go to. This makes their distribution unreliable, and with more and more web hosts overselling spots on these servers, there’s no way to be sure resources will be there when you need them most.

With a VPS, there is a dedicated set of resources for each website; businesses can pick and choose which features they want to use and pay for. Both companies and their online visitors can also rely on stable connection, with built in server monitoring, VPS provisioning on blacklist free IPs, and lightening fast speeds.

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More Control In Comparison To Shared Hosting

The second substantial advantage of a VPS package is complete root-level access. If for example a business requires a custom software package installed, they can do so without waiting for their web host to support it. With HostPapa’s VPS plans, you can further install hundreds of ready-to-use apps with a single click, host unlimited websites and domains, even manage multiple servers. Visit their site to learn about VPS hosting benefits for your business — you might be surprised at the hidden benefits you’re not aware of.

Because a VPS is inherently more secure, it suits ecommerce sites, or medium-larger scale operations. Businesses will no longer have to contend with the possibility of an attack or server breech made possible by neighbouring websites who failed to make protection a priority. Can you imagine how you would feel if some other business sharing your office failed to lock the door on their way out, only to find your assets stolen?

Alleviate the concerns and frustrations created by shared hosting today and switch to a VPS. Enjoy more control, dependability, and peace of mind by taking your online experience into your own hands. With plans more affordable now than they ever have been, and multiple tier levels to choose from, you can finally scale up at the pace you want. You’ll quickly feel what a difference it makes to have your own space to pursue business initiatives, without having to worry about what goes on outside your own office door.

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