The Perks Of Utilising The “Agile Method” In Custom Software Development

The Perks Of Utilising The “Agile Method” In Custom Software Development

With today’s standards in computer technology, alongside hardware are the advancements of software in computing. Those create a new demand among businesses, especially when it comes to software that’s can make them more productive. That said, most likely, big businesses require specialised software which is customised to meet the demands of the users.

The main purpose of custom software is to make life easier for the user in dealing with the specialised information or data used within a company. Unfortunately, designing a custom software can be challenging and resource intensive.

So, what are your options?

Custom software development: In-house vs. outsource

While in-house software development might seem like a good idea, it’s actually not ideal especially when your business size is not ready to shoulder such responsibilities. It’s advisable to hire a custom software developer to do all the legwork for you.

We can find custom software developers virtually anywhere, and their services can even be rendered online. However, it’s probably better to meet the developers in person to fully discuss the stages of software development from the early design stages all the way until the final product is finalised.

There are devs that you can choose from, but experienced software development firms like Corporate Interactive provide a great overall service package with their many years of experience with a list of reputable clients, such as Qantas, Samsonite, Hoya, IBM, BMW, Pfizer, Google and many others,

The decision is yours.

Software development

Methods in Custom Software Development

Whether you choose to develop your custom software in-house or hire a developer, you need ways to develop software in cost-effective and timely manner. Which methods should developers use?

When designing custom software, developers have certain methods which they use in their work process. A classic example of a custom software development process is called the “Waterfall Method”. This method is rather a sequential method used in software development with a certain workflow process such as that resembling a waterfall. This method originates from the manufacturing and construction industries which was then used by software companies as a work model. The process is straightforward:

Requirements > Design > Implementation > Verification > Maintenance

Although this method had worked in the past, one of the problems posed by this method is the client’s limited knowledge towards the requirements of their end product which greatly affects changes during the final stages of the product design. This will certainly impact both time and funding for the project in the long run.

For developing the ultimate software for your company, reliable software developers adopt a collaborative effort of a cross-functional team that follows a set of software development principles. The evolutionary and continuous improvement of software development needs to follow a framework, namely agile method, which supports many types of software development life cycle, such as Scrum, Lean Software Development, and many others.

Agile software development diagram
photo credit: Ichanical

Here’s how agile software development works: Let us assume that a client wishes to create a marketing strategy for online shopping and transform it into software as their next project. Such a project might seem complicated with many variables involved.

Fortunately, by using the agile method, the technique provides great advantages, such as:

  • The ability to change requirements at any time;
  • Regular updates from the developer with visible results in software form;
  • High frequency of client involvement in software development during all stages;
  • Fixed budget and timelines for the duration of the entire project;
  • Less risk (from the involvement of the supporting factors above.)

As we can see from the comparison of both the “Waterfall” and “Agile” methods, the difference primarily resides in the ability to change the development at any time as opposed to leaving it to the final stages of production. This is far more practical and a safer approach to a stable customised software design.


Although many software companies have their own methods implemented towards the way they create their software, it goes back to the end result and if the final product has fulfilled the client’s requirements. Finding the balance between time, funding and design can be a tedious task, but reputable software developers have years of experience in custom software development which have been proven globally.

Customised software can be costly, but it is only advisable to stay safe and smart by choosing a company with the ability to deliver what they promise.

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