Why Snap Spectacles are Bound to be Successful

Why Snap Spectacles are Bound to be Successful

As Google Glass faded away, there’s not a strong player in the field. But not anymore.  Enter Snapchat – or Snap – Spectacles.

What are Snap Spectacles?

As the name implies, it’s launched by the THAT uber-popular social media platform, Snapchat (now called Snap Inc.)  It’s essentially a smart sunglasses that – of course – protect your eyes from the stinging sun ray – and – this is where he fun begins – let you record 10 seconds of video from your point of view.

For more information, visit Snap’s news section.

Snap Spectalcles are finally going to be launched after series of rumors surrounding the idea of Snapchat plunges into the smart glasses market.

Spectacles work on Andriod and iOS, and your recorded video will go straight to your Snapchat account wirelessly. Putting it in Doge’s words: Much rad. So social.

Snap Spectacles = Google Glass? Go Pro?

As you may notice, the concept is pretty much like Google Glass, but with an emphasis on the first-person video recording capabilities.

I personally like the idea of Google Glass, but I think it failed short in one major category: Fun.  Google Glass is probably cool for geeks and nerds like me, but not for the rest of us who want it more as an entertainment gadget rather than other geeky stuff – so, no need of “ok glass” to tell your smart glasses to do things for you.

I’d say that Spectacles’ functionally similar to Go Pro, but in the form of glasses.  And it’s socially connected to Snapchat.  Cool.

What influencers and the media think about Spectacles?

The commentaries, opinions and reactions are colorful, but I can draw a conclusion that this is what the market would want.

Sam Sheffer says that it would be a smash hit for the holiday seasons.

Lamarr Wilson said that at first he thought this was stupid. But at a second glance, he said that it’s genius. And he thinks that it looks fashionable and better-looking than Google Glass.

Now over to you…

So, what do you think of Spectacles? Yes or no? Cool or dumb? Rad or fad?

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