6 Reasons to Have Your Restaurant’s Extractor Fan Installed by a Professional

6 Reasons to Have Your Restaurant’s Extractor Fan Installed by a Professional

Whether your kitchen is based in a small space or within a commercial enterprise employing multiple staff members, installing a commercial extraction system will make your cooking environment a much more pleasant place to work in.

Extractor fans lower the ambient temperature by exchanging hot air for cool air and purify the atmosphere by removing fine particles of grease and smoke.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your restaurant’s kitchen and extraction system, it is always best to have your fan installed by a qualified professional. There are complex variables to consider that only an expert can anticipate and properly address. Incorrect installation can lead to inefficient functioning, expensive repairs and mechanical failures with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Correct Capacity

Only a qualified installer can advise you of the correct specifications of the ideal system for your kitchen. Bigger is not necessarily better as there needs to be adequate airflow, circulation and the right type of exhaust vents installed to ensure smoke and odours are being properly removed and not just redistributed around the kitchen and surrounding rooms.

Installing the wrong system is unnecessarily wasteful and a professional installer can help you source a custom unit built to suit your exact needs rather than taking chances on a one-size-fits-all solution.

Air Flow and Exchange

In order to function effectively, all extraction systems rely on pressure, flow and plenty of available air. When a powerful fan sucks away heat and smoke, it must be able to draw fresh air into the room. This is known as replacement air and without it the system will not work properly. Smoke and odours may be dispersed into other parts of the building, or in worst case scenarios, grease can gradually accumulate inside vents and flues and create a potential fire hazard.

Contacting an expert is a must.  If your restaurant resides in London, UK, an expert extractor fan installation in London by Fan Services Ltd can pick up on these issues and avoid them from the outset.

Timely Installation

A major benefit of having your extraction system installed by experienced professionals is the speed at which all work will be completed. Delays and interruptions are kept to a minimum which guarantees that you can keep on cooking without any significant inconvenience.

Installations can take two to three times as long for an inexperienced crew to measure, cut, prepare and complete, as well as triple checking that all is functioning as it should. Clean-up time is also greatly reduced when an installer has the benefit of experience to guide their workflow.

Installing commercial extraction system

Qualified and Compliant

Always use a reputable repairer that is accredited and recognised by the leading industry bodies. Often, there are local by-laws and compliances that all installations and equipment must meet. Be sure to check that your installer is fully licenced and follows all safety standards and legal requirements.

Insurance Coverage

Using an unqualified installer will likely void your insurance should you need to make a claim. Incorrect installation could be outright dangerous and may increase the risks of electrical faults, fires and equipment malfunction.

Reduced Noise and Vibration

The reason for installing an extraction fan into your restaurant’s kitchen is to create a more pleasant and healthy working environment. Incorrectly installed systems are noisy and disturbing to work around. Excessive vibrations caused by cheap attachments or a poorly executed installation will defeat the purpose of buying an extraction system in the first place.

In order to ensure your new extraction systems performs as it should, it is crucial to only use trained, qualified and experienced professionals to install it. This will give you greater peace of mind and save you from unnecessary risks and repairs in the future.

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