Where Should I Advertise my Business Right Now? Gary Vaynerchuk Shares his ‘Cheatsheet’

Where Should I Advertise my Business Right Now? Gary Vaynerchuk Shares his ‘Cheatsheet’

It’s official: The best place to advertise your business right now is the social media. There are a few exceptions, such as the Superbowl ad. But unless you have millions of dollar budget for a 30-second spot, social media platforms are your best bet.

Gary Vaynerchuk is probably the only guy that you want to listen to right now, because so many other experts are just fluffs when it comes to social media. Why? It’s because he’s a practitioner, and he scales the unscalable – actually engaging his target audience, in person.

True, we can optimize our social media activities via tools and assistants. True, that there’s something scientific in social media marketing (e.g. color photo with people’s face on it tend to get shared more than the rest). However, we often forget the “social” in “social media”: We need to execute our social media marketing plan by actually engaging our followers and target audience.

So, using tools or not, personally engage or hire an assistant, you need to find the right social media platforms for your business. The big question is: Which ones?

To shed some light, let’s get some advice straight from the practitioner:

Okay – so, here’s to recap:

  • Facebook: Gary says that Facebook ad is still underpriced
  • Snapchat: It’s massively underpriced; it’s the go-to place for marketing to 15-25 years old
  • Instagram: It’s the main social media platform today, and it’s still underpriced.
  • Twitter: Gary shows no love for Twitter; Gary thinks that Twitter ad is overpriced.
  • Pinterest: It’s a ‘tweener; let’s assume that it’s not offering as much value for your ad budget as before.
  • Banner ads: Gary says that programmable ad buying is the worst in the world.
  • TV commercial: It’s grossly overpriced.
  • Superbowl ad: Gary thumbs up Superbowl ads many times in his other videos; he considers it as underpriced.

There you go – the guide to advertising your business that gives more bang for your buck, courtesy of my man, Gary Vaynerchuk.

How about you? What’s your favorite advertising platform? Why? Please share your social media marketing success and thoughts with us.

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