How to Avoid Employee Burnout and its Heavy Cost to Your Business

How to Avoid Employee Burnout and its Heavy Cost to Your Business

This graphic shows some interesting reasons why North Americans burnout at their jobs and tactics their employers can use to avoid this productivity-robbing dilemma.


Granted, this graphic is a couple of years old, but the statistics are likely in line with what most employees are experiencing in 2015 and beyond.

Outsourcing the mundane stuff, like data entry and your customer service phone-line can really make a huge difference in everyone’s morale. So sad that they’re forced to check their work-related emails on days off. Even an entrepreneur needs a little time away from the grind to re-energize, refocus and have some actual fun once or twice a week.

Best, taking those front line employees and giving them more meaningful tasks such as brainstorming new ideas, researching to find new markets, and much more will help your bottom line while also envigorating them with some much-needed passion.

Share your thoughts on outsourcing — locally, nationally, and overseas. Yay or nay?


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