5 Brow-Furrowing US Patents From the World’s Richest Corporations

5 Brow-Furrowing US Patents From the World’s Richest Corporations

Some of these patents are downright absurd:

Seriously Amazon?

Patenting backlighting techniques? And how many people on your legal teams are dedicated to enforcement?

How many of you out there knew that Amazon had a patent on “One-Click Shopping”? It’s ridiculous, but one of the most insanely smart, forward-thinking business decisions in the history of the Internet. Am I right?

The most ridiculous of them all?

King.com applied and were approved to trademark the word “Candy”. Thank you for doing the right thing and withdrawing your application. What’s the world coming to when a company can get exclusivity to such a generic word?

Apple… You patented rounded corners for LCD screens? OMG! Still, Amazon’s got you beat with one-click shopping and I’ll bet you pay dearly for it on the Apple Store!

Personal Audio? I think trolling of any kind for profit is just ridiculous. Not much difference between them and insurance scammers as far as I’m concerned.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_xbf9fDdUE

Do you admire Amazon even more now than before you read this, like I do?

What do you think about Apple, King.com, and the unscrupulous Personal Audio?

Let us know in the comments.



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