Follow Your Passion vs. Getting a University Degree: How About Both?

Follow Your Passion vs. Getting a University Degree: How About Both?

If you are a parent who is having a hard time convincing your teenager to get a degree, instead of immersing herself in her passion as, say, a Youtuber, read this post.

Listen – I am holding a Postgrad degree, and I’m happy to say that what I learn doesn’t matter in what I do. What’s more, my GPA also doesn’t matter in what I do. I learn the best following my passion, and my career is now about taking my passion further, turning it from fun-making into money-making.

I’m not making much, but let’s just say that I’m comfortable with my finances – much more that what I got when working for a boss.

So, what I’m sayin’? You see, your degree and GPA doesn’t matter much if you take an entrepreneurship path. HOWEVER, you still need a degree to help you gaining some positive reputation. Let Gary Vaynerchuk explains this better:

Spot. On. This is one of the reasons why I like Gary Vaynerchuk. He chooses to do things differently, and his mindset is probably the most interesting of all involved in marketing.

So, if you are someone who is pursuing your passion and was half-forced by your parents to earn a University degree, then you might as well follow Gary Vee’s advice: Enroll, do the best you can – perhaps taking less credits/barely finishing the study, but never stop, even delay, your passion. Then you can enjoy the goodness of both worlds. A win-win solution for you and your parents.


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