10 Weird Business Ideas that Made Millions

10 Weird Business Ideas that Made Millions

Entrepreneurship is challenging, and startup success rate is ridiculously very low (how 10 percent survival rate sounds to you?)

While some are launching a typical business and hoping for Lady Luck to give blessings to their businesses so that the market would choose them over their competitors, some entrepreneurs take things differently: They walk on a completely different route, taking their weird ideas and bet on them that they will find success.

Many – including prospects and investors – have question, “Why?” But they answer, “Why not?”

Well, many have failed, but there are some simply bizarre business ideas that are so successful, making millions for the entrepreneurs. Here are 10 of them:

Wow. That plastic wishbone has caught me off-guard. I mean, seriously? They have made millions with. The. Fake. Wishbone. Pet rock? No comment.

Yes – taking risk pays off. I agree – why not? Entrepreneurs are in the business of taking risks; if you can go for it, why don’t you go all the way?

What do you think? Sounds legit?

Photo credit: Bart

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