Stop Underestimating Small Businesses. They Move Mountains

Stop Underestimating Small Businesses. They Move Mountains

Small businesses keep the global economy moving, yet they receive little recognitions. Small businesses are often taxed unfairly and due to the inherited, smallish size (most even a one-person company) they often underestimated and unfavored.

This also holds true in USA. American Small businesses are underestimated, and here’s the cold, hard truth: They may not be that small after all. In fact, they have the greatest impact on the country.

In this infographic, you’ll see just how big is small businesses’ role in keeping the wheel turning in US economy.

Small Buisness Big Impact infographic

So, shop local. Support your local small biz. And stop underestimating small business. Why? Because even the biggest companies of all started out as small businesses with limited budget.

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