Ten Effective Ways for Agencies to Keep Their Clients in the Loop

Ten Effective Ways for Agencies to Keep Their Clients in the Loop

Creating a client base is a challenging endeavor. Keeping the clients intact requires deep knowledge and understanding. One should keep in mind certain points to avoid the risk of losing clients.

Through this article, you will get a brief as to how you can keep your clients in the loop.

1. Effective Communication

Communication is the tool for maintaining a healthy business relationship. Always aim to develop positive and productive interactions with clients. You can achieve those by presenting meaningful dashboards for your clients so that all parties can stay in the loop by seeing the state of the project real-time, while avoiding miscommunication along the way.

2. Regular feedback

Taking regular feedback from the clients is a good practice. Through feedback, you get an overall idea as to how likable your services are from your client’s point of view.

3. Value their reviews

When you have boarded on to take your client’s feedback, then value such reviews. The reviews play an important role in business growth, so try to implement such reviews according to your client’s demand.

4. General follow-up

Tracking the client on a routine basis will create a good impression and strengthen the bond. Calling or texting a client on a regular basis shows them that you really value them. Also, this step makes it more likely that your client won’t switch for your competitors; instead, they stay with your agency.

5. Small meetings

These meetings can do wonders if you are looking forward to having a strong client base. Monthly small meetings will do a lot, asking the clients about how everything’s going in such meetings would be a great idea.

Agency and client meeting

6. Use simple and friendly language

Sometimes, when you use complicated words, it might restrict communication. You should use easy words in a friendly tone to make your clients comfortable. Don’t try to make language a barrier.

7. Standardize your product according to clients’ needs

When you are inviting clients’ feedback and suggestions on various things, make sure you try to customize your product or services according to their needs. Trying to meet up with the client’s expectations creates a good reputation. Also, your client will never approach your competitor for the same product or services you are offering.

8. Quick response to their queries

It would be a good start to always give quick responses to the clients. At times there can be certain general queries regarding the product or services you offer. So, never delay in giving answers to such questions. In case you put these queries at the backend, then it might be possible that your client gets attracted to your competitors.

9. Avoid taking clients’ complaints personally

Take the complaints as a chance to improve further. Never get demotivated with such complaints and try to solve their problems as fast as you can.

10. Make your clients comfortable

This is the crucial point to keep in mind. If your clients aren’t comfortable enough with you or your products/ services, then you might lose them. So, it is always preferred to create the surroundings more adaptable by your client, and they don’t feel out of the box.

Client meeting


Starting from a small business to a large-scale firm, everything revolves around having a great client base. If you have a strong client base, then you are already winning a game. But, winning a game is not that easy in this competitive world. Nurture your client like a child. In this case, the pointers given in the article will be beneficial and will help you to get added to their good books.

Following all the effective ways mentioned in the article will help your agency grow in the long term and keep your clients in a loop.

Cover photo credit: Alexander Suhorucov / Pexels

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