7 Ways You Can Demonstrate to Your Employees That You’re a Caring Boss

7 Ways You Can Demonstrate to Your Employees That You’re a Caring Boss

One worldwide poll found that an astronomical 85% of people are unhappy with their jobs. There are many factors contributing to this, including their salary, future goals and work-life balance – as well as, of course, the nature of the management.

Having a caring boss who respects your skills and the work you produce might seem less significant than getting a pay rise, for example; however, the kindness of a boss can go a long way towards making employees happier in their jobs.

In fact, in a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, employees who felt that their leaders treated them with respect were 63% more satisfied with their jobs, 58% more focused, 55% more engaged and 110% likelier to stay with the organization.

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Therefore, here are a few ways you can show your workers you are watching out for their welfare…

1. Offer benefits, such as life insurance

One way in which you can show employees that you care is by rewarding them for their wellness and giving their family financial security with employee life insurance. This shows that you are willing to go above and beyond to support them even in the unfortunate event of their death.

2. Relate to them

Though being promoted to the top job can risk you losing touch with where you came from, try not to treat your employees as if you are better than them or above them. Instead, endeavor to relate to them on a deeper level.

3. Show an interest in their family

This can be as simple as asking the employee if they have children, or remembering the name of their partner – but even so small a gesture shows that you care.

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4. Promote a good culture in the workplace

Encouraging your workplace to be a place of positivity and constant communication can do wonders for employee satisfaction. In fact, nearly half (47%) of employees in the UK would rather have a friendly workplace than a 3% pay rise.

5. Allow employees autonomy over their day

You must have hired them for a reason, right? So, trust them to do their job in the way they see fit (within reason). This indicates that you respect their talent and believe they can get the job done.

6. Back them up

Every business has those complicated requests or awkward clients that can start to get workers down. This is why you should make sure you stand up for your employees and make it clear to them that you always have their back.

7. Be considerate

Finally, just be sensitive to your workers’ needs. Employees with children might struggle to juggle childcare and work, so how might you help with that? Maybe there is some way for you to support your workers’ mental health, too. Every decision should be made with your employees’ needs in mind.

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So, there you have it – a number of small but crucial ways you can imbue your employees with conference that you have their concerns at heart. Just remember, kindness is the biggest tool in your arsenal – and paying your employees due respect can fuel them with positivity about their jobs.

Cover photo credit: Ekaterina Bolovtsova / Pexels

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