How To Plan Effectively For Your Business Trip

How To Plan Effectively For Your Business Trip

You have just been told that you are going on your first business trip.  It can be a very daunting notion so be sure to get yourself set up with a corporate short term let or hotel so that you’re not left stranded.  Depending on how long the trip is you may want to either pack heavy, or pack light.

Here are some tips to help you decide what sort of stuff to bring, without overloading yourself, and what to do in this new foreign country.

Businessman packing for travel


The amount of clothes you should bring depends on the length of your stay.  Packing two or three shirts is always a safe option; if this isn’t enough, a laundry service could be available from your hotel or short term rental.  A variety of coloured ties wouldn’t go astray, as well as an extra pair of smart trousers.

For your spare time, just bring whatever is comfortable for you.  You’re already outside of your normal comfort zone so bring a little bit of home with you!

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As previously mentioned, on a business trip you are firmly outside of your comfort zone.  This can cause stress and lack of sleep which doesn’t allow much productivity.  One way to combat this is to stick to your normal routine when eating, sleeping and working out.

Things that are familiar to you can help you to de-stress and ensure that you are ready for all the fun meetings you have scheduled.

Organizing schedule

Efficient Schedule

It is a wise choice to sort out your schedule before you go.  Whether it’s your lunch and dinner times, meeting time or just relaxing, your schedule is the key to an effective, enjoyable and stress free business trip.

You may be inclined to try and do as much business work as possible (it is a business trip after all).  However, this may prove to be counter-productive as you rush between back-to-back meetings, leaving no time to eat or rest.  You may be over there for business purposes but don’t forget that you still need breaks.

Cafe business visitors

Be Creative

You have an hour or two to spare before your next scheduled meeting and what is there to do?  It can be tempting to just lounge around the hotel or your corporate short term let housing, but where’s the fun in that?  Although I did say that rest is important, there are better and more relaxing ways to rest other than lying on your bed aimlessly flicking through the foreign channels.

A quick visit to the local swimming pool can be a massive stress reliever, as well as allowing you to get your daily work-out done.  If you have forgotten to pack your swimming gear, try to experience the country’s culture through a local cafe or restaurant, a walk through the high street or the local park.


Following these tips can help you to enjoy your business trip as well as making it productive and effective.  If your company can get you a decent hotel or corporate short term rental house, it just makes the whole experience that extra little bit sweet.

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