Clueless Why People are Not Joining Your Social Media Campaign? These Could be The Reasons

Clueless Why People are Not Joining Your Social Media Campaign? These Could be The Reasons

You may been working even on weekends to get your social media marketing efforts deliver some measurable result but despite giving your best, you might find that outcome is far from being impressive, if not unsatisfactory.

Don’t be upset because you are not the only one having this problem.

There are hundreds of social media professionals who are facing the same problem days in and days out. There are people who are spending thousands of dollars in the social media fronts by offering some cool freebies, coupon codes or by running some other form of online marketing initiatives but despite of all these activities, they might find that conversion rate from these marketing activities is as low as ever.

Freak out

Do not get freaked out because here we are going to give you some solid reasons that may help you find out what is going wrong with your social media promotional campaigns –

Show you what you have

People are cleaver these days and therefore, when you are running a campaign in social media circle, you have to layout in clear terms what the winner is going to get. Just building up suspense about the prize may not work for your campaign if your brand does not have that number of fans and followers in social circles. Moreover, people may be quite skeptical about the prize amount even if you have a grand plan to offer something really cool for the winners.

So rather you should be quite straightforward in your approach and tell your audience straight what they are going to win.

You are using Stock Images

Boring audience

Stock images are here for quite sometimes and though they are high in quality, they may not prove that much effective when you are doing something important like running a social media campaign. The downside of using these cheesy images is that they are being used and over used hundreds of times by other brands and that means that there is nothing uniqueness left in them. And moreover when you are using stock photography images, chances are that people may not feel encouraged to be a part of it.

Feeling of Urgency is Missing

Sometimes, it just happens that you forget to mention how many hours are left to be part of your campaign. Please do not make it look like the contest may run for a year or two because in that case, no one is going to take part I it.

You marketing initiative should have the urgency factor otherwise people will be complacent that there is enough time left to be a part of it and they will delay the decision to death.

What about the call to action

Come on

Believe me or not sometimes, people really forget to add the Call to action. Just a couple of days ago I was trying to join a sweepstake contest but lol, I did not find any link or anything of that sort to be a part of it.

Probably the person involved in the marketing process had got busy somehow in other works and forgot to add the all important CTA button in it.

Boring and Long Form

As we are all aware, long forms are conversion killers. But people tend to forget this reality and when it comes to real marketing, they want people to fill up a long and boring form. But this is definitely not going to help in the optimization process. You need to make sure that the form is short and sweet.

Now Over to You!

Do you have any tips to add? Please share those with us!

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