How Many Websites Does it Take to Succeed?

How Many Websites Does it Take to Succeed?

As I talk to people about online business and making money online, everybody wants to know the same thing. How many websites do I need to be successful?

Too Much of a Good Thing

In the past there was a myth that the only way to succeed in online business was to have a multitude of websites on lots of different topics each with lots of lots of content. In my early days of online entrepreneurship, I had over 30 websites going at one time which did not leave me much time for family!

I was fortunate to have done this at a time when online business, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. are alien phrases, and I was able to generate a stream of revenue that allowed me to support my family full time. Now, however, when people ask me my advice I tell them I would do things a lot differently.

That was Then, This is Now

Today, the internet is a whole different platform than it had been thirteen years ago. Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok hadn’t been invented back then. Today, social media is a key driving force in how we live our lives. Nobody buys a product or service anymore without running a search first and seeing what others think about it. That’s why social media promotions must be a key aspect of your marketing.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

If you divide your promotions, backlinks, and social promotions amongst too many sites, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot. They all remain weak. However, if you focus all these resources on just one single site, suddenly you have a lot of traffic and can communicate with a large audience.

Likewise, if you’re dividing your time and energy amongst a large number of sites, you have to divide your content and knowledge as well, where as if you just have one site, you can become an expert at that one thing. Customers recognize quality and will recommend competent, knowledgeable experts to their friends when they find it standing out above the competition. I know I do, and I know I’m not alone.

Reaping the Benefits

Now that you have increased traffic, and you’ve shown them that you have knowledge and expertise in your niche, use the tools at your disposal to increase your sales.

  • Utilize your growing list of email signups to target their products of interest.
  • Use customer feedback to increase your understanding of what the customers want and are thinking.
  • Influence merchants for help with promotions based on your customers behaviors and your company’s sales.

Web conferencing

Making the Most of Technology

As your business continues to grow, learn how video and web conferencing works and make the most of it. Hold meetings with suppliers, customers, and colleagues right from your own home. Say goodbye to the hassle and inconvenience of taking business trips. The world is at your disposal with just the click of a mouse.

Share your knowledge in webinars, or gain more knowledge of your own. Carry your web phone with you for instant access to all your needs. The world is shrinking right before our eyes, and we hold the key to instantly transporting ourselves anywhere we need to be. I’m talking about beaming, like an old star trek episode, but our technologies today are just as amazing.

Of course it’s still important to keep everything where you can find it. Make sure to create a space for yourself somewhere in your home that is just for your work. No other distractions or clutter. I like to use a nice glass corner computer desk to keep things organized, and it doesn’t take up too much space.

One Is All You Need

Now take your one website, and give it everything you have; all the best of yourself. After all, consumers aren’t looking for tons of mediocre sites, they’re looking for that one that gives them everything they are looking for, with quality and expertise. Give them that, and your one site will be all that they need, and you need too.

Once you succeed in this one website and able to run it without much involvement of your personal time, then you can think about the second one.  But that’s for another article; until then, keep growing your website and carry on!

Cover photo credit: Fauxels / Pexels

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