3 DIY Renovations For Your Business

3 DIY Renovations For Your Business

Perhaps your shop décor needs a new lease of life?

Or maybe your office is overdue a lick of paint?

Chance are your business premises is in need of a few small fixes and changes that you’ve been putting off for a while now.

This is understandable – much like home improvements, these renovations are something that many small business owners will delay as long as possible. But a few simple tweaks can give your premises a much-needed facelift without splashing out too hard.

These are just three DIY renovations for your business that can make it feel brand new to you and your customers.

Exterior shop display

1. Exterior

Your outer visage presents that all-important first impression to new customers, so it’s important that it’s a good one!

Consider, for instance, your signage – the part that declares your business to onlookers and should give them an idea of your brand identity and style. If letters are dropping off or lights have gone out, it is, if you’ll pardon the pun, not a good sign.

Think also about your door – if the paint is chipping and your ‘open’ sign needs replacing, customers will assume your business may be similarly outdated. If you need to make that all-important switch-up, Oakwood Doors have a great selection of interior and interior doors to modernise your shop front.

Shoe store display

2. Displays

Shop displays are vital to showcasing your products, but a sloppy or untidy one can be an instant turn-off for customers.

After all, you want to show your business at its best. So when it comes to your displays, get creative! Break out the balloons, the bunting, the props – let your imagination run wild! Seasonal celebrations like Easter, Halloween and Christmas are a gift when it comes to decorative inspiration, but don’t feel limited to these. You can even piggyback on sporting events, pop culture and film or TV releases to capture your customers’ imaginations!

And don’t forget – window displays are essential to bring people through the door, but internal displays are a great way to give your shop some character too. And remember, displays are not just for retail stores – well-decorated offices can have a great impact on staff morale and will appeal to any visitor!

Fancy LED lighting

3. Accessorize!

As well as your shop displays, it’s worth investing in some permanent fixtures to add flair to your premises.

These can be a few simple, inexpensive additions like wall hangings, ornaments and house plants. Eye-catching prints and canvases turn you##r shop into a memorable visiting experience, whilst potted plants give your place an approachable vibe that puts customers at ease.

Anyone who knows anything about interior design can tell you that mirrors will make a room look bigger, whilst poor lighting will shrink it considerably – additional lighting such as lamps can gently brighten a room to lighten the ambiance.

We hope these three tips have provided a little inspiration to your business’s interior design aspirations – have fun with your corporate facelift!

Cover photo credit: Artem Beliaikin / Pexels

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