5 Social Media Content Ideas to Engage Your Followers

5 Social Media Content Ideas to Engage Your Followers

The average person spends around three hours each day on social media. During their time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, consumers will be bombarded with various types of content. As a business owner, your top priority should be providing social media content that is both engaging and representative of your brand.

Selecting the right type of social media content to display on your profiles is not easy. Doing your homework is crucial when trying to figure out what type of content your audience responds to. Below are some social media content ideas you need to think about using.

1. Promotional Videos Get Attention

Informing consumers about the products/services your business offers is vital when trying to create viable sales leads. One of the best ways to provide this information in an easy to understand format is by making a promotional video. There are tons of social media websites you can use to make and promote one of these videos.

Platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat can be used for the purpose of making a promotional video. You can attract a lot of attention by making a great promo video, which is why it is worth the time and effort you invest. Before you begin shooting one of these videos, take the time to hash out the details of what you will say.

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2. Share the Latest News About Your Company

Is your company on the verge of launching a new product or service? If so, letting your followers on social media know about this upcoming event is crucial. Not only can providing the latest news about your company help you engage with consumers, it also gives people a peek behind the curtain of your business.

Many businesses like to share news regarding industry awards they are receiving. If consumers see that your business is getting prestigious awards for being an industry leader, they will trust what you have to say a bit more.

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3. Hosting Contests and Giveaways

Modern consumers love brands that provide them with free merchandise. This is why hosting contests and giveaways on your social media pages is so beneficial. Before you start to advertise a new contest or giveaway, be sure to iron out the details.

You need to be able to tell consumers how to enter the contest and how the winner will be chosen. Trying to rush into an online contest or giveaway can be disastrous. If you are unsure about how to properly structure one of these contests, working with marketing professionals that have previous experience with contests and giveaways is a wise move.

4. User-Generated Content is Beneficial

If you have been in business for a while, you probably have a number of loyal customers. Using the enthusiasm and love a consumer has for your products/services on social media can be beneficial. Allowing customers to make videos or posts about how much they love your company and then putting this content on your social media account is a great way to provide social proof of what you can do.

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5. Promote the Blog Content on Your Website

Do you consistently post blog content on your website? If so, promoting this content on your social media pages is a good idea. Not only will this give consumers something to engage with, it will also drive more traffic to your website. Ignoring the need for this content promotion can result in low website traffic and poor lead generation.

Get Active on Social Media

If you are trying to inform consumers about your brand, there is no better tool than social media. The effort invested in remaining active on social media will pay off due to the leads and increased consumer engagement it will provide.

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