The Effective Ways to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

The Effective Ways to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

Are you looking for successful and effective ways to market your business on LinkedIn? This business and employment-oriented online service has provided almost 690 million global businesses, companies, employees, and job seekers a platform where they can publish engaging content related to their services in the most accessible way possible.

As business marketing continues to rise, companies and brands keep searching for ways to market their business and services on the platform. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most effective ways to market your business on LinkedIn.

1. Connect with highly targeted customers

LinkedIn provides its users with a wide range of digital advertising tools. Businesses and companies can step up their game by having a well-optimized company page, or run a self-service ad campaign that attracts customers and job seekers of the promising services a certain business/company has to offer.

Keep in mind that people can discover your business as well; engage in other businesses’ posts inside or outside your network, and boost your business’s visibility on the platform.

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2. Publish high-quality content

Good content can give your business some visibility boost. However, high-quality original content brings your business to its peak value. Being able to publish engaging content can attract the attention of potential customers (as well as job seekers) in your niche or industry and emphasize your business’s authenticity. Furthermore, putting up high-quality content will give users an idea of your business’s accomplishments.

Create a well-optimized company page with quality branding to turn possible clients to permanent ones that will support your business.

3. Stay active and join groups

There’s a reason why one must interact on social networking sites such as LinkedIn. That is to build relationships that could help spread the word about your business or services and seek valuable advice and tips from different business owners.

One of the best ways to grow your connections and increase your business’ visibility is by joining relevant LinkedIn groups. This is where you can share your unique content to a mass audience of niche or industry-related business owners and entrepreneurs, and also share content from well-respected brands or influencers in the platform that offers useful content related to your business.

You can boost your presence even more by posting a self-service ad campaign focused on those specific groups (as seen on other paid marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads, Reddit Ads, CPL One, and others.)

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4. Give your employees a face

Employees can give your business a sense of authenticity and trustworthiness. Ask some of your employees to include one of your business or company’s values on their profile‘s description. You don’t have to ask every person in your company to do it. Instead, select only a few that show the exceptional quality and work-ethics you’ve witnessed as they promote your business’s services and transparency with the values they’ve learned.

5. Present a strong 80/20 self-promotion

As a business owner or marketer, you’ve probably heard of the 80/20 marketing rule, and LinkedIn could stretch that percentage out. Don’t spam your business page with lots of information (especially if it’s promotional). Instead, showcase the relevant business’s highlights that actually provide real value and provoke some interest.

Try to have most of your content focused on your business’ offering value, and then use the 20% of the content focused on the customer, employee, or story-oriented content that can help distinguish your business’ achievements.


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