5 Key Benefits to Hiring a Web Designer

5 Key Benefits to Hiring a Web Designer

Handing over your web design duties to a professional gives you access to experience and makes your life easier. You get the quality website you want without the stress of designing it yourself.

Keep reading to learn five reasons to hire a web designer.

1. Time Savings

Hiring a web designer frees up your work time so you can focus on your area of expertise. Even if you’re comfortable with web design, you’re probably not as fast as a pro designer since it’s not your everyday job. That pulls you away from your core job duties, which means your business isn’t getting all of your attention.

It also delays your website launch. Having a professional, functional website can help your business grow, so you want to get it online as quickly as possible.

2. Professional Appearance

Professional web design sets your business website apart from the competition. Your designer will likely create designs that you wouldn’t think of yourself. The finished result is crisp, polished, professional, and in line with your branding.

A professional website shows your visitors that you’re serious about your business. It lends credibility to your business and helps grow your online presence.

3. Customized Website

With so many website builders available, you could put together a website that looks decent and does the job. However, using those templates and stock photos means your website might look like a lot of other websites using the same resources. Website builders are often limited in functionality, which makes it difficult to get unique functions on your site.

A web designer fully customizes your site to fit your branding and needs. They can introduce customized functionality to serve your customers more effectively.

Customizable web design

4. Access to Latest Technology

Professional web designers stay current with new design technology and trends. When you hire a pro, you get instant access to that latest knowledge without doing the research yourself.

You also get access to their professional resources, including stock photo libraries, special plug-ins, and design tools. This saves you money on purchasing those items yourself.

5. Improved Functionality

Website designers know how to create a website that not only looks amazing but also functions seamlessly. You’ll get a responsive website that works just as well for mobile users and desktop users.

Fast loading times are also important. Your bounce rate increases significantly as your page load time increases.

The bounce rate for a website that takes 5 seconds to load compared to one that loads in 1 second is a 90% increase. Going from 1 second to 10 second load times increases the bounce rate by 123%. A professional designer ensures your site loads quickly to keep your bounce rate lower.

Your designer can also include specific functionality you need for your business, such as online chat, to ensure visitors get what they need.

Why Hire a Web Designer for Your Business?

Now that you know the answer to, “Why hire a web designer for your business,” why wait? Hiring a web designer can improve your online presence and propel your business.

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