Making Money: How to Get Startup Money for Your Small Business

Making Money: How to Get Startup Money for Your Small Business

So you want to start a small business, but you’re not sure where to find the money to do so? There are tons of ways to generate startup money for your business. Make sure you’re using the best methods to get your business up and running.

Keep reading this guide for some options for how to get startup money so that you can get planning today.


One of the most obvious ways to get money for your startup is to use your personal savings. That being said, you’ll want to be careful that you don’t drain your bank account in the process.

Consider putting aside enough living expenses for at least a year. Startups don’t tend to start making money until months after opening, so you will want to have some money aside for the period when there is none coming in.


When opening a business, you may need a personal or bank loan. Personal loans involve borrowing money from family or friends.

To make this method as professional as possible, put your terms of the agreement in writing. Make sure the amount you will need to lend, the interest rate, and payback date are all clearly stated and understood amongst both parties.

A bank loan is not guaranteed and will require an airtight business plan and a great credit score. The bank may also want to see that you’ve invested some of your own money into your business to reflect that you are dedicated to making it work.

When choosing a bank, your personal bank may be the best option, as they are more familiar with your banking history. Alternatively, you could go with a bank that is known for supporting small businesses.

To learn more about how to access a loan online, check out this information from

Startup business funding

Credit Cards

You can use either a personal or business credit card to pay for your startup expenses. When using this option, be wary of the card’s interest rates. When starting a business, you don’t want to have a much higher monthly balance due to high-interest rates.

Make sure you find a card with great repayment terms and the lowest interest rates possible to avoid debt that could cripple your business.

Government Programs

To find a government grant, you will want to do some research to find the best option for you. The small business association (SBA) has locations all over the world that can help you find available grants while also providing business consulting. There are additional grants for business owners facing unique barriers.

Your Guide on How to Get Startup Money

When building a new business, it can be stressful to figure out how to get startup money. Make sure your equipt with all the tools you need to fund your business by checking out these options to see which will work best for you. Make sure you set yourself up for success and avoid debt by making smart financial decisions from the very start of your entrepreneurial endeavors.

For more advice on startups and small businesses, head to the “Entrepreneurship” section of our site.

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