A Complete Law Firm Website Launch Checklist

A Complete Law Firm Website Launch Checklist

Your website is one of the most important tools your company will invest in. It is an affordable way to promote your business. It is also the cornerstone of your online presence. Your website will make an impression on potential clients from the moment they access it. This is why It is important to review your law firm’s website to ensure it contains all the relevant information required and functions effectively before it is launched.

Inspect the Format

Well-designed landing page

Your landing page must be visually appealing. It should clearly represent your company’s purpose. It should also present a simple method for navigating your website. Visitors will be deterred from searching your site if they can’t find what they are looking for.

Check Your Typography

Typography in books

Your site needs to have a font that is easy to read. Avoid fonts that are harder to read. If visitors to your site do not read cursive then they may leave the site. Your font colors should not blend in with the background. The text should stand out clearly.

Proofread Grammar and Spelling


Although there may be more than one way to correctly spell a word when your site uses different spellings it suggests a lack of attention to detail. Clients want to hire lawyers who are thorough. Establish your professionalism by using consistent grammar and spelling.

Include Relevant Details

Detailed description

Make sure your site presents all of the relevant information that potential clients may need. Visitors will want to know what type of law you practice. They may also be interested in reviewing the credentials of the lawyers who work for your firm. Make sure you have presented all the information they need to confirm you are the right law firm to meet their legal needs.

Secure a Favicon and Domain

Registering your website trademark

Register your site’s domain name. Make sure your site is named for your business so that clients will know whose site they are visiting. Order a custom favicon that will appear in the web browser beside your site’s name. A unique favicon can be used to build your brand image.


Apple logo

Order a custom logo for your site that visually identifies your company. Make sure that your artwork is distinct so that clients do not confuse your law firm with another firm. Your artwork should also fit the color scheme you have chosen for your website. Your company’s logo should be used on business cards and other printed materials produced by your firm.

Perform a Content Review

Website content review

The content that is on your website can be used to boost your site’s search engine rankings. Invest in the services of Best Lawfirm SEO. They use original site content, reviews, on-site links and off-site links to improve your site’s search engine ranking. They specialize in elevating your site’s score so that your site will be on the first page of relevant search returns. This increases your company’s visibility and web traffic.

Test Forms and Email Addresses

Form and email testing

Forms and email addresses are presented on websites so that potential clients can contact the business. It is crucial that the forms you provide work. You do not want to frustrate potential clients or miss out on business if the form fails to forward the appropriate information to the right place. Before you launch your site make sure you test each form and email address to make certain that the relevant data is forwarded to the right person.

Understand Legal Requirements

Data privacy policy

Your specific legal requirements may be determined by your location or where you do business. Make sure you confirm whether or not you need to present a privacy policy on your site. Review the applicable laws to ensure that you include all of the required language in your privacy policy.

Review Images

Blurry image

The images on your website need to be clear and professional. You do not want to use images with a low resolution. You also want to ensure that you have the right to present all images that you use on your website. Your site should present photo credits when required.

Complete a Link Test


Check all of the links on your website to ensure they lead to the correct page or form. You do not want to find out after your launch that clients have not been able to access vital information. You should also create a 404 error page. Your 404 error page can present links to possible content the user may find helpful or be used to send them back to your site’s home page.

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