Product Labeling Should Never be an Afterthought: 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Get it Right

Product Labeling Should Never be an Afterthought: 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Get it Right

When you go shopping, what’s the one way you can identify the products your trust and like? It’s from the packaging. Product labelling is a key way that companies market and define their products and allow consumers to make educated decisions.

So what exactly makes a product label so important? Could it really be that proper labelling might be what makes or breaks your business’ success? In this article, we cover four reasons your business has to get product labelling right – and what might happen if you don’t.

Product labels set you apart

Product labels allow you to set your item apart from competitors. It permits quick identification by your customers and allows you to shape how your product will appeal to the public and who it should appeal to. Product labels are a key way your company can showcase its brand and define your target market.

Consider this, if you were to purchase a luxury item, you would most likely expect its labelling and packaging to demonstrate the product’s worth. A $500 item in a crinkly plastic bag with a handwritten label isn’t going to make sense to many people. Your product labelling and packaging play a huge part in who will buy your product and how attached they’ll become to it.

Product labels provide key information

Product labels are required on almost all products to provide consumers with detailed information. Everything from food product labelling to medical device labeling gives your customers information about your product, its purposes, and if it will work for them. Not only is this information legally required in many countries, but it will also prevent you from misleading customers or ending up in a nasty liability situation. This could happen if you neglected to mention an ingredient in a food product and it gave someone an allergic reaction.

Product labels provide instruction

If your product is to be used a certain way, your product label should be what explains to your potential customers how it should be used. Your product’s label should serve as a guide on how to properly use your product once purchased. Whether that’s the frequency of use, how it should be consumed, charged, taken, or turned on, it should all be on the label.

Correct usage information will allow your customers to get the most benefit from your product and avoid negative reviews from confusion caused by bad labelling practices.

Product warnings

Sometimes you may be producing a product that, if used incorrectly, could have dire effects. This is when product warnings come into play. Whether it’s to warn of side effects or to keep customers from using the product with another, properly displaying product warnings will prevent your company from facing a lawsuit or being fined by government bodies.

Due to the sensitivity of selling products to the public, practicing proper product labelling and packaging will put your company in a better position legally and financially to continue to thrive and succeed, while keeping you safe from negative reviews or worse.

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