Switching From Mac to Windows: How to Make the Leap

Switching From Mac to Windows: How to Make the Leap

Do you want to have a smooth transition for your move from Mac to Windows?

The debate on Windows vs. Mac has been around for a long time now. For many, their preferences lie in which computer they’re more comfortable with. For others, it’s a matter of accessibility and convenience.

If you’ve used Mac all your life, it can be difficult to make the Windows transition. However, switching from Mac to Windows doesn’t have to be hard for you. Keep reading for a guide on making your switch from Mac to PC easy and effortless.

Why Switch to Windows?

You want to play more games on your computer. You want to be able to sync your computer with your smartphone that isn’t an Apple product. You need to get used to Windows because your office is switching computers.

You want to build a PC from scratch and customize it. You’re looking for a system that gives you more control over its processes. You are on a tight budget but you also need to buy a new computer.

Accessing freeware is your goal. You want to access more apps and programs. You need a computer with a powerful and flexible operating system.

Your reasons for moving from Mac to PC can be anything. The sentences above reflect some of the many reasons why people are switching from Mac to Windows computers. Whatever your reasons for switching computers, make sure you’re ready for this change.

Switching from Mac to Windows

What Is the Best Time to Switch?

When you’re switching from Mac to PC, there is no better time than now to do it. Did you know that Windows 10 runs on over 700 million devices including PCs, phones, and Xbox One consoles? Don’t be the last to get onto the Windows 10 bandwagon.

First, let’s take a look at the market for PC hardware. Right now, a lot of flexible third-party hardware is available for the PC. Whether it’s RGB keyboards or a new monitor, it’s easy to find something you’d love.

Also, more people are switching to PC. The general community for PC users is growing and you want to be a part of it. In actuality, Windows has such a large community that so much freeware created by its users is available for other Windows users.

Benefits of Switching From Mac to Windows

Both computers have their advantages. When you compare them, you’ll see the Mac computer is beneficial in its unique way. For now, let’s focus on what makes switching to Windows PCs appealing.

Many computer geeks want the ability to create their dream computers. If you want to build your own PC, you’ll end up with a Windows computer.

Windows computers are flexible when it comes to computer hardware. This is because PCs allow changes and updates for different pieces of hardware. On a Mac computer, you can’t customize your computer or build it from scratch.

Changing to a Windows computer lets you save more. Apple’s technical support is one of the most expensive support services. Meanwhile, you can find Windows help and support for much cheaper than Apple’s rates.

This is why many people see the PC as the master race.

Businessman migrating to Windows

What You Need to Prepare Before Moving From Mac to PC

Before you make the change, you need to find out what apps or programs you need most. Most software and programs are available in both macOS and Windows OS. However, in case you use programs exclusive to Mac, you’d want to find out their alternatives for Windows.

For example, Adobe Photoshop is available in both macOS and Windows OS. In contrast, the Mailplane Gmail app is a Mac-exclusive program. Some Windows alternatives for it are Postbox and Gmail Manager.

Also, both computers have many similar apps and programs. Apple’s Pages is Microsoft Word on Windows, for example. Numbers and FaceTime are Microsoft Excel and Skype, respectively.

If you’re a premium user, don’t worry about being unable to get back into your account. Look into your software licenses for software keys and your active license information.

It’s also important to create a Microsoft account before you switch to Mac from PC. Your Microsoft account is identical to your Apple ID for the macOS. To create one, go to the Microsoft website and sign up for an account there.

Don’t forget to create a back up Mac of your old system. This way, if you get any problems transitioning to your PC, you can still recover your files.

How to Switch From Mac to Windows

We mentioned before that you need to know the apps and programs you often use. Chances are most of them are available in Windows.

If they aren’t, you can find alternative programs with a simple Google search. Download and install the programs on your list. If you’ll work on your PC, install the most important programs and software first.

It’s also worth remembering that many PC shortcuts are like Mac shortcuts. Basic commands like Copy, Cut, and Paste use almost the same keys. You only change Mac’s Command key with Windows’ Control key.

Remember that not everything you do on Windows is easier. For example, taking screenshots on a PC is a little more complicated. With Windows 10, however, they made the process a little bit easier.

The best way to get used to a Windows computer fast is to quit Mac. Avoid using your Mac computer, if possible, once you’ve switched. This forces you to get used to and familiar with Windows faster.

As a tip, don’t try to master the PC within the day. Both operating systems are very different from each other. It’s best to ease yourself into the Windows system.

Mac to Windows

Experience an Effortless Conversion

Follow this guide when switching from Mac to Windows. As it goes with many things in life, using your PC will get easier over time. Continue to use and discover what you can do with your PC.

If you’re having a hard time, online guides like this are always available to you. We hope you enjoyed it and learned from it. If you want to see more Mac guides like this, see our other posts.

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