Should I Become a Realtor? 9 Top Reasons to Become a Realtor

Should I Become a Realtor? 9 Top Reasons to Become a Realtor

Many people bounce around from job to job until they find the one that’s best suited for them. Whether it’s the lifestyle it offers, the freedom it affords, or the work it involves, people often look at a career in real estate.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “should I become a realtor?” this article may help you out. We’ve outlined the top nine reasons becoming a real estate agent could be a home-run decision.

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1. Work for Yourself

When you ask yourself, “should I become a realtor?” what you should ask is “do I want to be my own boss?”

While it’s possible to work for a brokerage company or under a real estate agency, it’s also possible to fly solo in your real estate career. Each option has its pros and cons.

For example, working under a real estate company offers more security and convenience. You don’t have to work as hard to find your own clients, and you have an umbrella agency over your head. However, you pay dearly for that luxury and must give up large portions of commission back to the company.

You could work for yourself and keep the majority, if not all, of your commission. However, you’re also on your own in terms of marketing, insurance, and retirement. Although, if you research the industry extensively and create a plan, there’s no reason you can’t become wildly successful.

2. Flexible Schedule

Another benefit of becoming a real estate agent is getting a loose and flexible schedule that allows you room to live your life how you want to. This is great for parents who don’t want to miss out on any of their children’s sporting events, dance recitals, or other extracurricular activities.

However, a flexible schedule can also be beneficial for people who love to travel or work to save plenty of room in their lives for hobbies. Don’t get us wrong, you still have to work hard to play hard, but it won’t be on someone else’s timetable.

Real estate agent

3. Room for Growth

If you choose a career in real estate, you’re also opting for a career with plenty of room for expansion. As a real estate agent, you are in a unique position to decide your own level of success. While there are certain extenuating circumstances, the amount of effort you put in will reflect what you get out of a career in real estate.

However, there is no ceiling limiting how successful you can be as a realtor. If you know you can put your head down and get work done, real estate could be a thriving business.

4. Work Hand-in-Hand with People

If you enjoy working with people on a one-on-one level, being a realtor may be a great way to make some good money while having a fulfilling career focused on helping people.

Ultimately, most people who are trying to buy a home or sell the one they’re in are clueless what step they should take, how much to sell for, or how to negotiate. As a real estate agent, you will be a saving grace of knowledge for people looking to move their lives.

However, some clients will require more patience than others. Some people look at 30 to 50 homes before deciding to buy one. However, if you’re a people-person, it should be no problem.

5. Networking Opportunities

You should become a realtor if you’re good at networking with others. A realtor is kind of a jack-of-all-trades in business affiliations.

You work hand-in-hand with clients whose professions can range from doctors and lawyers to fitness trainers and spiritual healers. The point is, as a real estate agent, you will make some incredible connections that will help you out both personally and professionally.

6. Be Creative

As a realtor, especially one who’s working for themselves, you express your creative side.

In branding yourself, creating your website and social media persona, and marketing, the ball is in your court. While this may sound daunting to some, a person made for a career in real estate will see it as a challenge to be met with exhilaration and determination.

Closing deal with real estate buyer

7. Use Real Estate as a Full-Time Career or a Side Hustle

One of the major benefits of a career in real estate, as noted above, is its flexibility. However, this extends past the hours you want to work or not want to work. You can pursue a full-time career in real estate or use it as a side job for extra income.

The best part is, you can do both. For example, if you answer yes to “Should I become a realtor?” because you want to grow an empire, you can start slow while still working a job with a guaranteed income.

8. Learn How to Be Self-Motivated

As suggested above, a good real estate agent must look at the challenges of the industry with vigor and drive. To succeed, you must be self-motivated, or at least learn to be.

If your schedule is your own, nothing, and no one, is telling you when you must work and when you can take days off. On the one hand, this is incredibly liberating. On the other hand, it can lead to financial problems for people who struggle with self-motivation.

9. Learn Problem-Solving Skills

Do you love solving problems? As a real estate agent, your clients will come to you with many issues:

  • They can’t get approved for the house they want
  • Their house isn’t selling fast enough
  • The other party is playing hardball
  • Their appraisal came in under the asking price
  • The house failed the inspection

You may also come across your own problems you need to solve. For example:


Should I Become a Realtor?

If you find yourself asking “should I become a realtor?” use this article as a great place to start finding the answer. However, only you can know where your passions lie and what type of work you’ll enjoy.

Good luck, and be sure to check out the rest of our articles for more advice and information on business and careers.

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