7 Online Science Degrees You Can Earn From the Comfort of Your Home

7 Online Science Degrees You Can Earn From the Comfort of Your Home

Colleges are adapting to the world of technology and introducing more courses on the internet.

In fact, around 33% of college students are taking one or more courses online. If you’re planning to pursue a science degree, you can easily do so online!

Continue reading to discover some of the best online science degrees that you achieve.

1. Natural Science

Degrees in natural science can be useful if you want to pursue a career as a researcher, technician, or consultant.

Many people in journalism and education programs use natural science as their expertise. Becoming a science teacher for children can be possible with this degree and you can do it all from home!

Now that colleges have access to virtual programs that can run experiments, there are no limits to online science degrees. Natural science is an umbrella term for many things. Biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, zoology, and ecology are all-natural sciences.

2. Data Science

Not all science involves beaker tubes and Bunson burners.

Data science uses visualization and predictive analysis to predict trends. To become a data scientist you must earn a bachelor’s degree. Degrees in IT work, computer science, physics, and math can all work towards building this career.

This educational path can lead to major money in the future. The average starting salary with a master’s degree is around $100k.

A data science degree will help you gain the skills for testing hypotheses. You will do this by using algorithms to gain more knowledge and follow trends.

3. Science Writing

If you have a passion for both science and writing you are in luck.

You can find courses online to earn your Master of Arts in Science Writing. This degree is suited for writers and editors that want to work with technology and medicine.

The main task of someone that goes into science writing is to inform the public of discoveries. You can specialize in journalism in this field or go in a direction towards the literary arts.

Pharmacy technician

4. Pharmacy Technician

If you are hoping to make good money with your science degree, taking pharmacy technician courses online is a great way to do so.

As a pharmacy technician, you will be considered a licensed health care provider. You could potentially work at a pharmacy or conduct research in a lab. The outlook for this job is predicted to grow in the next couple of years.

Online courses can help you pursue this career path as long as you have a high school diploma or equivalent. You can read more here to find your path to becoming a pharmacy technician.

5. Earth Science

Earning an online Earth science degree is a great way to pursue your dream career.

Geology, engineering, research, and environmental consulting all are included within Earth science.

Depending on how far you go with Earth science degrees, you can make more money. A Master’s degree in Earth science is recommended if you want to teach, especially in colleges. A Master’s degree will also earn you more money than a bachelor’s degree.

In this field, you will conduct research, analyze your findings and formulate a conclusion. Understand the resources and materials that the Earth has to offer is another major component of education.

6. Meteorology

An online degree in meteorology can help you get a job as a meteorologist, researcher, forecaster, and more.

Many people pursue research positions in this field. Those that enjoy journalism, writing, and being on TV could consider becoming a forecaster for the news. The pay for being a meteorologist can average above more than $100k a year!

7. Nutrition Science

One of the most interesting science degrees that you can earn online is in nutrition science.

This degree will involve classes that focus on nutrition, health, wellness, and biochemistry. You will learn how physics and biology interact within the human body. Common topics covered in these degrees include metabolism, getting nutrients, and cell development.

A degree in nutrition science can help land you a job at a hospital, private clinics, public health center, or school. A fun job that you can get in nutrition is creating meal plans for people.

Earning online degree

How to Do It

Now that you know all of the online degree options you have in the field of science you can begin applying to programs!

Finding an online school can be tricky. Talking to a school counselor and looking information up online can give you plenty of insight. You must be prepared for taking courses online.

You must also have a good work ethic and self-discipline to do well in these courses. The time it takes for getting an online degree can vary. Some degrees only take a couple of years and can get you into the field and working.

If you plan to take courses at a university or college for labs you can look at their online programs as well. Selecting an online school, however, won’t be as stressful when transferring classes.

Online Science Degrees That You Can Get

Getting online science degrees is becoming a popular trend and people are pursuing excellent careers with them!

Depending on the level of education that you want, you can make a lot of money pursuing a science degree.

Many people that go into meteorology, research and technician roles have a degree in science such as Earth and natural science. Don’t be afraid to discover all of the areas of science that you can pursue. Education is only a couple of clicks away.

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