Let the Fun Begin: 5 Tips and Tricks for Gaming on a Budget

Let the Fun Begin: 5 Tips and Tricks for Gaming on a Budget

Are you planning to start a game center or any other gaming-related business? If so, read on to learn how to make the most of your start-up budget.

There was a time where PC gaming was one of the most expensive hobbies on the planet. Things have calmed down considerably, and now a gaming budget doesn’t have to be huge. But even with the lower prices, you still have to know how to work the system. There are tricks to getting the most for your money, so check out these laptops for a good deal.

After going through the tips below, you’ll be more than ready to make a purchase.

5. Ultra Settings Are Future Settings

With the release of Red Dead Redemption II to PC, there has been talking about bad optimization issues. Most of the talk comes from gamers with top tier hardware trying to run ultra settings. Budget gamers have been mostly silent, and are enjoying one of the better gaming experiences of their lifetimes. The takeaway from that is that ultra settings are not meant to be stable playable settings for current hardware. As a budget gamer, you can have the same experience on low and medium settings and save hundreds in the process.

4. Pay Attention To Vram

Ram and VRAM should always be separate from your system. When video memory is shared with the ram, then you will run into a lot of issues with demanding games. A budget laptop with dedicated VRAM can play a lot of great AAA games. Try to aim for at least 4gb of VRAM, and upwards of 6 if you want to futureproof. The only way to boost the VRAM on a laptop without a dedicated chip is with an eGPU. That will cost you more than the laptop itself, so invest wisely the first time around.

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3. What About Ram?

Even with 8gbs, that should be more than enough to run the majority of games. But what you should do is look at the maximum supported ram rather than what comes with the laptop. Later down the line if your 8gbs are too little, you’ll always have the option of upgrading without buying a brand new laptop.

2. Grab All Giveaways

Free games are given out by Humble Bundle Monthly, Epic Games Store, Steam free games and many other sources. Scour the internet for deals, or become a patient gamer and wait for the deals to come to you. There are always more free games available than you have hours in a lifetime.

1. Consider Streaming Games

Streaming options like Google Stadia are one of the many choices that affect gamers on a budget. It is one of the latest ways to play a AAA game in high resolution on a low tier laptop. PS Now offers a somewhat similar service that brings hundreds of top games to a system without needing hefty hardware requirements. The only hard requirement for streaming games is a fast internet connection.

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Wrap Up

Gaming on a budget requires knowing what you like and getting a system that can run it. A person that likes strategy RPG doesn’t need the same specifications as an FPS lover. Go with what works for your preferences, and it will always be the correct choice.

One, last advice: If you’re not a gamer yourself, make sure to talk to gaming hardware specialist and/or pro gamers to learn what kind of set-up that’s offering top notch performance – on a budget.  They know the inside-out of this, so it’s best for you to pick their brain and get started on the right foot.

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