How to Throw an Office Party Your Employees Will Love

How to Throw an Office Party Your Employees Will Love

Who doesn’t love a good office celebration? As a boss, it’s your job to give your hard-working employees a one-of-a-kind shindig reward them for everything they do. Here are a few tips on how to throw an office party your employees will love (instead of one they just attend).

Pick the Right Time

You want your employees to be able to enjoy the amazing party you’re going to throw them, so timing matters. Don’t plan a party for the weekend before a major project is due. Plan your celebration for after everyone’s work is done. Maybe you’d like to throw a holiday party to thank your employees for their hard work this year. Choose the Friday before your employees have their holiday vacation. This will let them start their time off with a celebration and feel like you value their time.

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You could also host your party during lunch hour. Some employees want to spend their time off work away from work and may not want to attend a party in the evening when they could be home with their families. Celebrating your team during a break or lunch hour is a great way to recognize their efforts and respect their time. Your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Decorate and Make It Fun

Have you ever been to a lame office party? If you haven’t, let me fill you in. At a lame party, the boss doesn’t decorate, provide good food or drinks, and doesn’t give the employees anything fun to do. Don’t throw a lame office party. Make yours fun by buying amazing decorations and great snacks. Not good with decorations? Pick someone in your office to be in charge of the party’s look and provide him or her with a budget. The party decorator can hit a local party supply store and find cheap decorations that help give the party a better look. Make sure you know what you’re going to do for food and drink and allocate a majority of your budget to this area. Your team will definitely not love your party if they have nothing good to eat or drink.

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Throwing a holiday party? Have the team play a game of White Elephant where you provide the gifts! You can purchase affordable items from Thestore and wrap them. Your employees will love that you’re providing a fun activity and giving them a holiday gift! You can also provide gifts for your employees to wrap together that will then be donated to local families in need. Your team will love your philanthropic idea and will have a great time wrapping.

Get Them a Little Gift

Party favors are the perfect way to tell your employees that you appreciate them. Give them a little gift at the end of the night. It can be as simple as a candy cane or a kind note enclosed in an envelope with their usual bonus check. You could even just give each employee a jar of goodies at the end of the night.

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Hopefully, they’ve already had such a great time at the party that they won’t need the little gift, but doing it anyway just reinforces your appreciation of them. As the boss, it’s your job to boost your team and show each person that you value his or her contribution to the company. Giving a little gift at the end of the party shows that you put thought into the event and wanted to give back to the team.

Throwing the best office party doesn’t have to be hard. Make the party look good, provide your team with activities and a small gift, and your team will know that you value the work they do.

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