Save Money and the Environment with These Energy-Saving Business Tips

Save Money and the Environment with These Energy-Saving Business Tips

Running a small or large business means trying to save money where you can. Becoming a more energy-efficient business not only saves you money on your monthly bill, it also reduces the amount of energy used by your business that will contribute to climate change.

Here’s how a few small changes can make a big difference.

Replace Bulbs

Lightbulbs are used daily, and so changing these to energy-efficient ones will not only consume less energy, they will also last longer. Whilst it may be more expensive to purchase an Energy Star bulb, changing all your bulbs within the workplace could make a big difference to your bill at the end of the month.

Switch Energy Suppliers

Finding the cheapest energy supplier means you can save on your bills, putting that money to more important use within your business. Comparison sites like Utility Bidder compare business energy suppliers to find the best deals for you. With the ability to get a quote in under five minutes, having a look to see if you could save money with a different business energy supplier has never been easier – click here for more information.

Use the Hibernate Features on Devices

Whilst we should try our best to switch off appliances when not in use, this may not be time-efficient or energy-efficient for a 30-minute lunch break. In these cases, it may be best to ensure the hibernate feature is enabled on all desktops and laptops.

Does That Need Printed?

Businesses need to reduce their paper waste, and this means only printing what is absolutely necessary. All businesses will eventually be paperless, and so it’s best to save online documentation and use a cloud based service in case your system breaks down. If you have printed something that is no longer needed, re-use this as note taking paper and make sure you have a paper recycling bin in your office or workplace.

Businesses need energy-efficient solutions

Purchase Energy-Efficient Devices

Using energy-efficient devices will reduce energy usage. For instance, the use of laptops rather than desktops could significantly reduce the amount of energy you are using. Spending a little more on devices will save you much more money in the long run. Think of them as a long-term investment.

Let Employees Work at Home

This is a great way to reduce energy usage and reduce emissions from employees travelling to and from work. If work can be done from home, perhaps let employees take turns working from home, with only some employees in the office to deal with important things such as post or phone calls. Many employees will enjoy this option too.

Teach Employees to Be Aware of Their Usage

It’s all well and good you doing what you can to reduce energy usage, but without your employees on board, this won’t go far. Here are a few tips for motivating your employees to reducing the amount of energy they use within your business.

These tips could save you money on your energy bills and help your business to become eco-friendlier.

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