Conference Call Etiquette: 6 Tips for a Smooth Group Call

Conference Call Etiquette: 6 Tips for a Smooth Group Call

Thanks to the advanced technology available today, you can set up a conference call with anyone in the world. This is a great option for businesses that have remote workers, allowing workplaces to be more flexible in the types of people they employ.

However, there is a certain conference call etiquette that should be followed to respect the other people within the call and have a smooth meeting. There should be a positive outcome of the conference call for all parties involved.

Continue reading to find out our 6 top tips for a smooth conference call.

1. Watch the Time Limit

When you schedule a conference call, ensure you set strict time limits and stick to them. Occasionally it is okay that a call will go over the allotted time, but it’s important to try to stay within time limits.

If conference calls drag on longer than expected, often the participants aren’t listening. Be respectful to everyone involved in the call and watch the clock.

2. Define ‘To Do’s’ and Put Names to Them

Conference calls tend to be informal in comparison to meeting in person. This means that it is easy to fall into lengthy conversations and come out of the conference call with no actionable items.

The aim of the conference call should be to improve productivity within your team, so make sure everyone has something to do before you conclude the conference call.

3. Have an Agenda and Objectives

Agendas are important for all meetings, and this includes conference calls. Make sure everyone knows the lead speaker in the meeting, what the goals are, and what needs to be accomplished by the end of the meeting.

Make sure you have prepared all attendees with the relevant material if needed.

Conference calling

4. Stay on Topic

Before logging onto a conference call, take some time to write down talking points for the call. Make sure you stay on topic and work through each point with your team. Debates and conversations are bound to happen, but it’s important to try and stay on topic.

If you stay on topic you will be able to reach your objectives and not waste everyone’s time.

5. Introduce Everyone

There may be people on the call that aren’t familiar with each other or have never met before. It’s important to introduce everyone to each other and their position within the company or business.

6. Use a Dedicated Application

Using a dedicated conference call application will help your conference call run smoothly.

There are many different applications out there to help your business with your conference call needs. For unlimited conference call options, checkout Conference Town.

Always Use Your Best Conference Call Etiquette

To complete a successful business conference call, always use your best conference call etiquette by following our tips above. Conference calls can be productive and successful providing you stick to the agenda and stick to the time limits.

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