3 Ways to Use Images to Elevate Your Roofing Business

3 Ways to Use Images to Elevate Your Roofing Business

Whether you’re a family owned restaurant or a corporate business, images and photographs can make marketing and advertising for your company an easier process. Not only are images appealing to potential customers, but they can drive traffic to your site and give others vital information on what services you offer.

Images can become a vital way your company elevates their online and commercial presence, especially in heavily visual industries like roofing. With roofing, showing customers what your skilled employees can accomplish can be accomplished through visual imagery. If you’re interested in getting roofing leads or inquiries from potential clients, you’ll want to consider using images for marketing purposes.

Here are three ways in which you can use images to elevate your roofing business.

Budget for professional photography

The first thing you’ll want to do for your business is budget for professional photographs to be taken. Start by researching the prices offered by local vendors in your area.

You can compare the costs of these different professional businesses and see what best fits your company’s needs. You can also compare the prices of different packages offered by these photographers. Packages could include many different types of photos and images, as well as other perks.

Once you’ve done this, reach out to the vendor and ask for a quote. Be sure to include information on all of the types of images you want taken. The vendor can then get you an exact estimate of the costs, which you can input into your annual budget. Since photography can get expensive, with professionals charging either hourly or by the number of photos taken, having an estimate of what the entire package will cost will ensure you don’t go over budget for the year.

Research competitors, stage shots

When it comes to garnering the attention of new customers, your largest threat are competing roofing companies. Using the images for marketing could be a great opportunity to put yourself ahead of the pack. If one of your competitors has super low-quality, grainy images posted to their website and social media, you can easily work with your professional photographer to get high-resolution and clearly visible images to showcase. Likewise, if your competitors have high-quality images, you can still research what looks and techniques they used and discuss other options with your photographer to ensure your images are unique.

After performing this competitive research, work with your hired professionals and your own staff to stage images. Ask former clients that are great examples of your company’s work if they’d be okay with you photographing their roof. Place employees on the roof pretending to do work or follow some of them into the field to get action shots of them doing their job.

By staging photographs, you’re strategically thinking about what look you want these images to have for marketing purposes and what you want these pictures to say to your audience. You don’t want lazy images up on your website, as that relays a message to your audience that you don’t care about your work.

Being strategic makes for better quality and more enticing images from the consumer’s perspective.

Roofer on the job

Find a means to share these images

You’ll need to find a means to share these images with the world. There are many different ways you can share images, whether that be by printing them out in the form of brochures, sharing them on your website or social media, or placing them on other platforms from which customers can view them. Using platforms like ibi the smart photo manager allows you as a business owner to easily share your photos online. You can manage how you want to share your images and think strategically about their use to market for your organization.

Images play a prominent role in the success of your business. By implementing images in your marketing strategies, you can have a greater chance of success.

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