6 Advantages of Using a Labour Hire Workforce

6 Advantages of Using a Labour Hire Workforce

While still primarily used by the construction industry, labour hire today can be used to fill all kinds of skilled and unskilled positions in a wide number of different industries. Here are just a few of the advantages to labour hire services that make them appealing for businesses of all sizes.

1. Cross-training and exposure

Skilled labour hire workers tend to be assigned to different areas over the course of their careers. Thus, they’re often jacks of many different trades. This cross-proficiency can be especially valuable in construction sites and remote work sites, where labour hire is most often used.

2. Reduce your payroll costs during peak demand

Some types of businesses rely on seasonal labour. It makes little sense for many kinds of farms, for instance, to have a large labour pool year-round, typically only needing the boost during harvest time. Retail businesses may also need more people approaching December to accommodate the increase in the number of shoppers.

In these and other cases, hiring full-time employees may not be the wisest choice because of all the associated costs. Instead, using labour hire would be far more sensible.

3. Advancement opportunities for permanent workers

Offering opportunities for training is a great way to hire the best talent. Unfortunately, their performance can suffer if they’re simultaneously working and training at the same time. If they have to be sent elsewhere to get this type of training, you may not get use of their abilities during this period.

If there are employees that you would like to send off to a different location or country for additional training or education, using labour hire can be a good way to cover up the temporary manpower shortfall.

4. Reduce permanent employee turnover due to overwork

If you’re not able to find full-time employees to meet your current work demands, you might find that your current employees will start resigning in a matter of months due to overwork. To avoid critical labour shortfalls from compounding, a labour hire service can help plug the gaps in your capabilities while you find long-term solutions for your increased demand.

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5. Allow your permanent employees the opportunity to focus on their strengths

Smaller businesses, especially, often find their few employees thrust into all sorts of roles that they were not originally hired for. While this type of cross-training has its own advantages, you can end up sacrificing a lot in terms of efficiency. By using a labour hire service to take care of the less critical tasks, you can allow your specialised employees to do more work in the roles you originally hired them for.

6. You can quickly cover labour requirements due to accidents and other unforeseen events

Bad things can happen to anyone. And when they do happen, the ones left behind (hopefully just temporarily) will have to deal with their loss in the workplace. When this happens to a key member of your team, it can be very difficult to maintain the performance levels you previously had.

Using labour hire can help prevent the loss of a team member from having more negative effects on your business. They can be used to cover any gaps and keep your organization running until your team member can come back or until you can find a replacement.

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