7 Criteria for Choosing the Right Serviced Office for Your Business

7 Criteria for Choosing the Right Serviced Office for Your Business

Choosing the right serviced office for your business can be tougher than it seemed at first. After all, a serviced office offers so many benefits that it seems like any serviced office would be a great solution. The truth is that no two serviced offices are alike. Searching in a Serviced Office Directory, you can see that not only there’s a range of typical services offered by serviced offices, but there’s also specialized services offered by certain serviced offices.

In this guide, we’ll take an up-close look at serviced offices, as well as seven things to look at when choosing one.

First, what is a serviced office?

If you’re looking to an alternative to a traditional leased office situation, then you have likely come across the term serviced office. With a serviced office, you rent an office space on a month to month basis (in many cases, but not all). As opposed to strictly getting an office space, you also can expect additional benefits. These benefits can include receptionist services, internet, copy and fax services, and other administrative benefits. Some serviced offices provide extra amenities, including gym access, conference rooms, and more.

A serviced office is typically a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, medium sized businesses, and any business looking to start an office in an existing country or move a headquarters into a new country.

Serviced office space

What should I look for when choosing a serviced office?

There are seven criteria that you should look for when choosing a serviced office:

1. Location

The location of your serviced office is pivotal. If clients or customers will be visiting your office, then location is definitely something that should take priority. You’ll want to look for a serviced office in a nice part of town that’s also near restaurants and things to do. When you get hungry or just ready for a break, then you’ll want to be near a downtown area. Also, be sure that your serviced office can be easily accessed by public transportation – this is great for you and your clients.

2. Cost

When it comes to the cost of a serviced office, you can typically expect to pay less than you would for a leased office. However, it’s important to compare a few different serviced offices to ensure that you are getting the most for your money. Most serviced offices offer various packages that can be tailored depending on your specific needs.

3. Contract vs No Contract

Many serviced offices do not require you to sign a contract, which is a huge benefit to the startup or small business that is looking at scaling up quickly. Without a contract, you ensure that you have options in six months or at any point you decide that it’s time to scale up – or down. Not being locked into a contract can be a great thing for small to medium sized businesses, consultants, and startups alike. If there is a contract involved, however, be sure that you know and understand the terms you’re bound by.

4. Admin Support

Serviced offices are especially helpful because they typically come with some level of administrative support. This could include a receptionist service. If you are in need of a receptionist service, then you’ll want to ask questions to determine if this particular service will be helpful to you. Ask about internet, copy machine access, and anything else that could be included.

5. Other Amenities

Bonus amenities are typically offered by serviced offices and can include a number of exciting things. While these bonuses aren’t necessary, they are intended to make work fun. For example, some serviced offices offer coffee lounges, game rooms, and more. Get all the details on any extra benefits before you make up your mind!

6. Culture

Serviced offices do put you in a co-habitation situation, of sorts, as you’ll likely get to network with other entrepreneurs in your area. Like any other workspace, serviced offices do tend to get their own culture. Before you make up your mind on a serviced office, you’ll want to be sure to visit. While you tour the facilities, take time to talk to the staff and some of the people who also rent there. You’ll quickly get an idea of whether or not that space is for you. The right space can be highly valuable in forging business partnerships!

7. Spaces Offered

Within serviced offices are a number of options on workspaces. For example, some workspaces are shared and not dedicated. When you come in, you simply sit down at an open space and get to work. Other workspaces include dedicated offices, which are yours and yours alone. This offers a higher level of personalization, branding, and authenticity. You can invite clients in, and you can rest assured that all of your things will be there waiting when you return. If you don’t need a dedicated space, you’ll likely pay a bit less, but it all comes down to deciding what kind of space is best for you.

Meeting room


When you begin searching for a serviced office, it’s often best to begin with an online search. You can easily learn more about the companies, read reviews, and check out their social media from there. Then, you can ask around to see if anyone has had experience with them. Once you’ve found a serviced office that you’re interested in, you can call and ask questions before scheduling an appointment. When you go on-site, you can check out the facility, meet people who also rent there, and get a feel for the space.

Serviced offices are not created equal. Some offer a traditional office feel while others are on the leading-edge, while still others are concentrated on being social hubs for networking businesses. No matter what you are looking for in an office, you can likely find it in a serviced office. Be sure to check the seven criteria above to ensure you get the right office space for your needs!

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