5 Popular Office Furniture Layouts For Your New Space

5 Popular Office Furniture Layouts For Your New Space

Office furniture layouts directly impact clients’ impressions as well as employees’ productivity levels. This is especially true for companies moving into new spaces.

As a business owner planning to relocate your company, you need to choose the layout option that adheres to your specific company needs. You need to take features like company size and employees’ work ethic into account when deciding on the best layout for your new space. Another element to consider is the industry that you conduct business in.

You need your space to match both your clients’ and your prospective employees’ visions of such a company’s workspace. Continue reading to learn about the top office furniture layouts for your new space.

Office worker in a cubicle

Cellular Design

Firstly, consider the cellular design as an office furniture layout option. This type of design involves designating each employee their own space. Most companies create office workstation cubicles so that they can fit a lot of workers in a smaller area. By giving each employee their own cubicle, you limit distractions. More so, you provide workers with a space that is entirely their own. They can decorate it as they wish. There won’t be a chance for bumping elbows while typing or causing issues by overstepping their boundaries.

Employees gain privacy and a space that enables better concentration with this office furniture layout.

Team Clusters

Another office furniture layout to consider for your new office space is the team cluster layout. Team clusters allow employees to collaborate with one another. If you have multiple teams in one office, this is a highly beneficial office furniture layout idea.

Your marketing team can develop new ideas for upcoming campaigns without getting distracted by your human resources team as they conduct interview calls. Companies that have a wide variety of teams conducting work in the same area boost their productivity levels when they form team clusters. Move your desks into clusters according to your teams and enjoy your new space.

Employees in an open office layout

Open Layout

Similarly, open office furniture layouts promote collaboration. However, these layouts entail workers sharing the same space completely. Therefore, this type of layout is not for every company. If your employees need to collaborate with one another for projects and campaigns throughout the entire work day, this is the office layout for you.

Modern businesses and startups furnish their open concept with this layout in mind. Business owners motivate employees to work with one another and share ideas frequently when they set up their spaces in this way. This is one of the best office furniture layouts for your next space if you need your workers to communicate constantly.

Private Offices

The private office is another popular office furniture layout for businesses. If your employees need to keep confidential documents in their offices and/or conduct private phone calls with clients, this is a great option for you.

Lawyers specifically boost their productivity levels when they have private offices. They gain new clients more easily because they can speak privately and they complete tasks more efficiently because they can review documents freely.

Keep in mind that these types of offices come at a price. If you own a well-established agency and feel that you can increase your profits with this type of office furniture layout, apply it to your next location.

Office space management

Hybrid Layout

In addition to the above office furniture layouts, consider the hybrid layout for your new space. The hybrid office layout entails combining multiple office layouts.

Perhaps your employees differ in work ethic and prefer different layouts. Your marketing team might need a collaborative space while your sales team wants their own, designated areas. You can make every worker happy with a hybrid layout. Put multiple desks together in one area for a collaborative space where communication is key. Then, place cubicles in another area for employees who prefer to work privately. In doing so, you will increase productivity and employee satisfaction on multiple fronts. Therefore, this is a great office furniture layout to consider when you cannot choose.


Business owners need to choose their office furniture layouts wisely if they want to impress clients and satisfy employees. One of the best layouts to consider is the team clusters layout, which separate teams while also encouraging communication.

The cellular design separates workers using cubicles so that they can have their own spaces. Startups advance with open space layouts because they increase collaboration. Large agencies such as law firms need private offices for their work. Finally, hybrid layout offices combine multiple other layouts to create a space for every employee. Choose one of these office furniture layouts for your new office.

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