Why Video Is the Ultimate Medium for Storytelling

Why Video Is the Ultimate Medium for Storytelling

Whether you’re shooting a video for your real estate business, digital marketing company, or personal Instagram account, one thing rings true: There’s no better storytelling medium than video. It helps you tell a visualized story that, simply put, text can’t achieve by itself.

Video presents an opportunity to tell a unique and engaging story, and here are just some of the reasons why it’s so good at what it does.

The numbers support video

People prefer to watch video content and the numbers support that. Here are some of the figures to prove video’s worth, via Hubspot: 76 percent of marketers feel that the use of video helped them increase traffic, and 97 percent of marketers feel like video helped increase user awareness of their product. Not only does video help marketers but people rather watch a video as compared to reading text on a website when both types of content are available.

These numbers are just some of the reasons why a NYC real estate videography company like 929Media can be beneficial for your marketing needs. After all, video has a positive effect when it comes to increasing traffic and public awareness, and many people prefer watching videos compared to other forms of content. It’s important to note that videos are easily accessible thanks to phones, and the majority of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices.

Video allows you to incorporate multiple tools

One of the biggest advantages of video is the variety of tools you have at your disposal. With video, marketers can use not only visuals, but also pictures, sound, text, and other relevant tools to tell their story.

This helps with storytelling because these tools can create a visualization that’s provocative, happy, melancholy, or whatever response/feeling the video is trying to achieve. On top of the creative abilities that are attached to videos, many people are visual learners to the tune of 65 percent of the population. Therefore, these people prefer to see to learn, as opposed to being told about how something works or reading about a specific topic.

With videos, you’re not just stuck with video, you can also use pictures, stats, graphics, bolding, linking, and many other methods to get your point across. As a result, they can be very powerful, to say the least. These tools can also help to make videos feel more personal. It doesn’t hurt that it can often feel like the creator or speaker in the video is talking directly to you.

Video can be easier to digest

As a result of many videos incorporating audio, viewers can watch a video while doing something else. If you’re reading, then it’s going to be tougher to multitask since the reading requires most of your attention, and the moment you take your eyes away from the page is the moment the reading stops.

Not to mention, viewers tend to learn more with videos than reading as, according to Forbes, video viewers retain up to 95 percent of the information, compared to just 10 percent when reading it in text form. Most informative videos are coherent, straightforward, and jam-packed with information supporting a message, and that makes videos easier to understand.

There are many ways to spread a message. However, given all of the factors above, it’s no wonder why video is the ultimate medium for storytelling. While there are people who prefer to get their information and entertainment via reading, the numbers support video.

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