SEO Strategies your Business should Consider Implementing

SEO Strategies your Business should Consider Implementing

SEO, or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is crucial for people and businesses who are serious about being noticed by search engines; differentiating themselves and their offering from the millions of other people and businesses offering the same thing.

Having a website that looks good is only half the job done – the real point of your website is to drive traffic, increase engagement and generate sales. Though SEO is not the only way to achieve this, it is certainly the most effective, and it is also the best way to assess your progress.

Here are a few of the best SEO strategies your business should consider implementing:

Online content

Pushing out content is one of the best ways to improve your visibility online. The quicker you establish a ‘voice’ and a presence online, the quicker you will strengthen your SEO.


Blogs are, of course, a fantastic way to establish a presence online, but it’s also a great way to foster rapport with your target audience, build trust and earn their loyalty. The way to do this is to ensure you are not just blogging for the sake of it, but are providing your readers with solid information, providing solutions to their problems and answering their questions on certain topics.

Blogging for business

You want the reader to come back to your blog and hopefully trust your business to solve their need. The blog also needs to tie in with your product or service and should never stray too far from the core topic. If your business is an interior decorating firm for example, create posts around the topic of interior design, architecture, homeware etc. It’s unlikely that your audience will want to know about travel or relationship advice, for example – it’s completely off topic. And the ones who are searching for travel and relationship articles are not interested in interior design.

Staying close to the core topic will also provide you with the opportunity to use keywords that relate to your business offering, which will improve your SEO and visibility.

Improving landing page copy

Your landing page needs to grab your potential customer. While the layout and design is important, the copy is too – perhaps even more so. The copy does not just inform the potential client of how your business can solve their problem, but it can help to boost your SEO ranking, provided the copy is of high quality, and strong keywords are utilized.

Search engines favor websites which not only align to strong keywords, but websites that are straight to the point and which will provide the searcher with the best possible solution and service.

Technical SEO Strategy

Technical SEO strategies are the more ‘advanced’ strategies which you too can implement in your business. It may be a little trickier to figure it out on your own, but luckily there are SEO agencies which specialize in this arena and which can take on the task for you.

SEO can be time consuming, especially if you are wanting to implement technical strategies.

SEO agency

Consider working with an SEO agency

While there may be fairly uncomplicated ways of implementing SEO, by far the most ‘complicated’ techniques are the ones which hold the most reward. If you have limited knowledge about SEO, we’d highly recommend you work closely with an SEO agency. An experienced SEO agency, such as Ruby Digital, will have a good relationship with search engines and will acquire first-hand knowledge on new and improved SEO techniques. They’ll be aware of the strategies to avoid and know which ones to persist on. A good SEO agency should also have a strong outreaching team which will help to get your website featured on other sites, as a way of improving SEO.

Those are just some of the advanced SEO strategies which are unlikely to be accomplished by you and your team if you have a limited understanding of the sphere, or if you do not have an in-house SEO team.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical to SEO success. Whatever written content you produce should contain the keywords which your potential client is likely to search for.

The best way to go about keyword research is to use Keyword Planner. It’s easy to use, however, you can get some helpful tips on how to use it optimally through sites such as YouTube.

Once you have discovered the keywords to use, it’s recommended they are repeatedly used throughout your blog post (tip: be careful not to ‘spam’ the content). You may also want to use the highest ranking/ main keyword in headings, or simply bold the keyword now and again for maximum strength.

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