Managing Client Relations the Frugal Way: 4 Free CRM Software Solutions That Will Blow Your Mind

Managing Client Relations the Frugal Way: 4 Free CRM Software Solutions That Will Blow Your Mind

There is no denying that customer relationship management software (CRM) is essential for maximizing your business’s growth. It is vital for nurturing new sales opportunities, organizing client needs and streamlining negotiations.

But CRM software is often expensive. Industry leaders sell their software at vastly inflated prices. Hubspot reviews frequently indicate that other solutions perform equally as well as their product at just a fraction of the cost.

To manage your client relations the frugal way, consider these 4 free CRM software solutions that get the job done without any of the costs.


SharpSpring offers a free demo of its CRM software. Their package includes marketing automation, email marketing, social media organization, a landing page designer and a marketing tracking service in addition to the CRM and project management capabilities associated with most CRM solutions.


Apptivo also has a free version of its cloud-based CRM software. The software allows for contact organization, project management tools and task tracking, financial operations, sales management tools including lead lists, contacts, opportunities, and pending deals.

The free version limits users to 500 MB of data storage. This may be enough for a small business, however, for third-party integrations, you will have to invest in the paid version.


The free version of Freshsales is also designed to meet the needs of a small or fledgling business or a sole proprietor. It is best known for its sleek and easy-to-use interface known for its simplicity. This makes it ideal for business owners with limited computer literacy.

Freshsales doesn’t limit data storage on the free version. Which means it is ideal for small businesses with a vastly expanding client base and lead pool. However, while it is excellent for managing sales leads and opportunities, it does not do much beyond that.

Unlike other CRMs on this list, Freshsales is not an all-in-one solution. It performs well in managing a lead base but should be used in conjunction with other solutions to carry out marketing, project management, and social media organization.


Agile’s CRM is something of an all-in-one platform to manage customer relations, sales, marketing, and help desk activities. For small businesses with a limited number of clients and users, the free version can meet all your CRM needs.

It allows up to 10 users on the free plan and 1,000 contacts. This makes Agile particularly useful for startups looking to get off the ground without investing in premium CRM software.

It does not require much time to set up and its interface is simple and easy to use. It also has some limited analytic capabilities, including email tracking, web analytics, and social media tracking functions.

Its customer support, at the moment, is limited to email. While this is direct, it does not match the level of accessibility offered by other CRMs which have 24/7 telephone and live chat support.

Choosing CRM solutions


These solutions can meet all the CRM needs for a small business without breaking the bank. For larger companies with extensive contact lists, a premium version of the CRM may be necessary, but for startups and fledgling companies, there is no sense in forking out for an expensive product when free solutions can meet the company’s needs.

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