6 Factors That Affect The Cost of Your Fleet Insurance Policy

6 Factors That Affect The Cost of Your Fleet Insurance Policy

There are numerous different factors to consider when purchasing fleet insurance with many ways of reducing annual costs for your business, allowing you to pour finance into more resourceful areas of your trade. Take a look below to discover 6 of the most important factors to consider when purchasing your fleet insurance, enabling you to find the best deals for your business.

Safety and security of your fleet

It’s vital to show your insurance company that you’re being proactive in ensuring that your fleet is safe and secure both while in use during working hours and overnight.

This can be as simple as improving the security of your vehicles by adding alarms and enhancing the locking systems across your fleet. Additionally, the overnight safety of your vehicles is considered. Will your fleet be left on the street overnight or will the vehicles be stored safely in a garage? The safer your fleet, the less your insurance premiums will be.

The number of vehicles you’re insuring

The tally of vehicles to be insured across your fleet will stipulate the price of your insurance policy. Adding more vehicles to your policy can be a superb move if you want to find the best prices for fleet insurance and help yourself to save money. The more vehicles you add to your policy, the less your premiums are going to be.

Which people drive your fleet vehicles?

As with all forms of vehicle insurance, the person who is driving the vehicle is always going to be a factor in the costs. If possible, always strive to place drivers over the age of 25, and who have as much driving experience as possible, behind the wheel. The older and more experienced a driver is, the less risk that is involved in the eyes of the insurance companies.

Company fleet on the road

What type of vehicle is being driven?

There’s no need to push the boat out when purchasing vehicles for your fleet. Business owners should strive to purchase vehicles that are necessary for their business needs rather than for the aesthetic look of their business.

Motorbikes are deemed more dangerous than vans – and, likewise, vans with smaller engines are deemed less of a risk than their larger counterparts. Additionally, the performance, mileage and potential repair costs of your vehicles will all be considered.

SAFED van driving course

As well as placing experienced drivers behind the wheel, putting your drivers through the SAFED van driving course can help reduce your premiums. This course is acknowledged by insurance providers and shows that your drivers are experienced, safety-minded and less risky on the roads.

Have you had any previous claims made against you?

Any previous claims that have been made against you on your policy will naturally affect your yearly premiums. This is the case with all forms of vehicle insurance. Attempt to build up a solid foundation of no claims among your drivers so that you show your drivers in the best possible light while acquiring fleet insurance, such as from a broker like Be Wiser Business Insurance.

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