How Important is Your Business Credit Score?

How Important is Your Business Credit Score?

Without a reliable financial history to back it up, any company will quickly find itself being subject to depleted resources. Of course, this will quickly lead into a downward spiral of efficiency and can cripple corporations beyond repair. This what the business credit score reflects; the financial dependability of any given firm.

In the end, the only way to stave off financial uncertainty is by building a better business credit score. Consequently, here’s why your business credit score is so important.

Improves Access to Business Loans When Needed

Everyone knows that money is a resource, and it’s to be used carefully and strategically. Without it, a business simply has no fuel to perform. Particularly in the startup phase of the company, or indeed during any time expansion is required, most companies will need an extra push in their finances to get things going. A bad credit score can prevent that growth from happening.

However, a strong financial history will show that you and your business are sensible and reliable with money. After all, no one lends money out for generosity’s sake alone, and most people want to see a return. It’s an investment, not a handout, and your firm’s credit score will show if you understand this principle. While loan companies such as Likely Loans offer help despite a company’s bad credit, these services are a helpful backup plan, and shouldn’t be the main financial thrust of your organisation.

Speeds up Bill Payments

Of course, a company’s finances aren’t always about ‘the extra push’ and are often about survival. For many businesses’ growth is just an added luxury, and it’s by no means guaranteed. Still, money is always needed despite this, and all payments need to be made smoothly and quickly if a company is to run efficiently.

A bad business credit score can spark a great deal of lag in your operations. Not only can it stop you from getting crucial loans, but things like insurance premiums and investment deals can be impacted too. These payments can be made far more slowly due to intense auditing, negotiations and vetting, or possibly not at all. Ultimately, opportunities will be outright refused, or at the very least, harder to come by with bad business credit.

Importance of your business credit score

Impacts Personal Assets and Credit Rating

It can be easy to trick yourself into thinking that your business finances and your personal finances are indefinitely kept well apart. Perhaps you assume that they operate in entirely different worlds, and that the effects of one can’t possibly impact the other. It can be quite a comforting thought, but in the end, the performance of your business will have an impact on all worker’s funds.

Your business’ credit score can impact the money that you have too. While at the start there may be a clear distinction, delayed financing can cause you to start feeding your own funds into the business. When your business is struggling, and you have the means to try and fix it, that temptation to give it ‘everything you got’ can quickly lead into a downward spiral not only for your company credit, but your personal scores too.


Of course, if your business starts to flop in any way, jobs will be lost and the company will eventually dissolve if that downward trajectory continues. Consequently, your business credit score is a contingency plan for this, so maintain it for that extra layer of financial security.

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