Professional Development: Grow Your Business Faster by Bettering Yourself

Professional Development: Grow Your Business Faster by Bettering Yourself

There are a lot of things we all do to get in our own way in life and business. Professional development needs to be at the constant core of every entrepreneur’s being in order to excel and grow their business.

Following are 5 tips you can employ right away to grow your business faster by bettering yourself.

1. Get rid of the losers in your life.

Les Brown has famously said this a number of times. Andy Frisella has also said he’d ditch his own family if they were a negative influence on his life or business. The simple fact is that it’s your choice whether to condone the influence these “losers” are having on you. I’ve worked a number of lower-end jobs in my life.

In that time, I’ve met dozens of people who’ve told me stories about how “so and so” got a great job, started making money, and then ditched them. Many of those folks believed it was because they couldn’t meet that person’s new lifestyle (Ie., money). I think, based on the person telling the story, that it was because they were the “loser.” It’s okay to admit your old friend just isn’t going to help you get where you need to go.

2. Stop drinking booze.

Alcohol is, by far, the most widely accepted drug out there currently. It also takes days for your body to recover from a single night of drinking. In general, if you drink heavily more than one day a week, you’re hurting your productivity and overall zest for business and life for days afterwards.

If you drink more often than that, you’re in a constant state of recovery. Sleep quality is also vastly reduced, and alcohol has replaced several neurotransmitters your brain and body need to deal with stress.

3. Ditch social media (for non professional purposes).

Sadly, it’s a really dumb move to ignore social in business. For that matter, even in business you can outsource the majority of your social tasks so you’re not exposed to negativity or drawn into unhealthy practises like hard partying and such. I, and many others believe most of what goes on in the social-verse is largely negative.

Think about it for a second. Sure, there’s good stuff, but all the bad is sure to catch up with most of us. Even if you don’t agree with what I’m saying, consider all the time wasted posting, reading comments, clicking clickbait, watching linked videos, sharing, looking at pictures, etc. Especially when you should be getting actual work done.

4. Look for the most profitable and promising projects — ditch the rest.

World famous copywriter and later entrepreneur, Craig Clemens, has told the story of how he one day decided to eliminate a profitable business he owned from his pursuits. He ran a profitable event planning business that was nothing more to him than a means to make money. The reasoning was that the business often took more of his time than his other two businesses — pursuits he was passionate about.

Smart line of thinking for any over-ambitious entrepreneur. It’s easy to hang onto an idea that’s making money, or to pursue a dozen different things in the pursuit of more cashola. However, guys like Richard Branson didn’t make Virgin the megalith it is today by splitting his efforts over multiple businesses. He stuck to growing the airline until he had “God” money and could pursue whatever idea he wanted to with billions in security in the bank.

5. Use a timer while working.

This could well be the hardest professional development advice to follow if you don’t already do it. Using a timer is a game-changer if you make it a rule rather than something you do now and again, then give up after the first alarm goes off. However, if you set reasonable timers for tasks you love, as well as those you hate, your productivity can skyrocket.

Imagine a scenario where a boss is breathing down your neck to get work done. Chances are you’d either get the work done or quit your job, right? Since you know you’re not going to quit your business, why not treat yourself like a working stiff in order to get more done in a shorter period of time. We all waste time while working — time that could be spent doing more growth-oriented stuff.

The buck stops with you!

Since you’re the end of the line for your business, it’s all up to you to improve your short-comings and adopt better habits. Here’s hoping for new you in the coming weeks.

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